The Voice – Battle Round Three

Time for another battle rounds installment of The Voice! I am loving this show this season. First up was Team Adam. The order of the battles has been a little odd so far this season. We saw four of Christina’s battles within the first couple weeks, but only two of Adam’s. I was excited to see more of his team.

Team Adam – Nathan Parrett vs. Pip singing “You Know I’m No Good”

Can I just say, I loved this song choice! Poor Nathan was clearly the underdog in this pairing, and he was nervous from the beginning as all four coaches had turned around for Pip but only Adam wanted Nathan. But after some rehearsing, both guys sounded really good. I like Pip, but I love and underdog and was rooting for Nathan. Both guys sang really well, and Pip definitely has a more polished stage presence, but I think I would have chosen Nathan. It was close though, so I’m not too disappointed that Adam chose Pip instead.

Team Cee Lo – Erin Martin vs. The Shields Brothers singing “What’s Love Got To Do With It”

Oh man! I like both Erin and the Shields Brothers, so I was a little bummed to see them go up against one another. They weren’t the best singers, but they both have cool vibes. Erin’s much quieter than the bros though, so she had a really tough time during rehearsals. I was worried this performance would be a disaster. And…it kind of was. It was a cool disaster, but it was still a freakin’ disaster. It was like two completely different versions of the same song being played at the same time. They clashed instead of complimenting each other. I like Erin and I think she’s funky, but I thought the Shields Brothers sang better. But Cee Lo loves a spectacle, and she’s got the personality for that – he chose her. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do together.

Team Christina – Ashley De La Rose vs. Jonathas singing “No Air”

Ashley went into this battle with less confidence and less experience, and I think it showed in her duet with Jonathas. She was off a lot, and while I didn’t particularly care for either performer I thought Jonathas did a better job. Ashley did get better towards the end, but I still didn’t think it was a great duet. The coaches overwhelmingly preferred Ashley though, and that’s who Christina chose.

Team Blake – ALyX vs. Jermaine Paul singing “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car”

I did not want to root for ALyX (Alex) just because I hate how she’s decided to spell her name. Plus, Jermaine gave Blake some serious sass after his blind audition and he’s friends with Alicia Keys, so I was rooting for him. I didn’t know this song AT ALL, but I really liked this performance. Alex (just go with it) and Jermaine had a lot of chemistry together and individual stage presence. But it was pretty clear that Jermaine outperformed Alex, and that’s who Blake went with.

Team Adam – Katrina Parker vs. Angel Taylor singing “Bleeding Love”

Katrina and Angel are two of the best singers on Adam’s team, so I was excited to see them duet on such a challenging song. Both women sounded pretty darn good, and I honestly didn’t know who I’d choose. Adam shouldn’t have paired these gal together! If you put a gun to my head, I guess I’d say Katrina was better by a hair – and that’s who Adam ended up choosing.

Team Blake – Gwen Sebastian vs. Erin Willett singing “We Belong”

This was a touching duet, both because Gwen and Erin are friends and because Erin was dealing with some bad news about her dad’s health. I loved seeing the energy between the two ladies as they sang together, and I thought they were both great. Erin’s voice is just more my musical taste, so I was excited that Blake chose her.

And that’s it for this week, y’all! What did you guys think of the performances? I think my favorites from this week are Katrina and Jermaine. Who are yours?


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