Wondercon 2012: Marvel Comics Wrap Up

The biggest news for Marvel out of this weekends convention, in my eyes, is that the announced return of Captain Marvel will feature Carol Danvers in the lead role. Instead of bringing back Mar-Vell and letting Carol stick around as Ms. Marvel in a B-list role, Marvel is making the effort to elevate her profile to “Her name is our name” status. Captain Marvel should be one of their biggest properties, and given how many issues Marvel has in creating female characters? The only way this could be better is if the book was handled by a female creator….wait? They did that too? Kelly Sue DeConnick will be writing the series with art by Dexter Soy.

About damn time. This should have happened ten years ago. Yes, she had an extended run under her old name a few years back, but Captain Marvel just feels more important than Ms. Marvel. She should be one of the biggest icons in that company, and hopefully, this is the first step towards becoming one.

Not to mention potentially being Kelly Sue’s rocket to superstardom, as I find her to be one of the more underrated writers at Marvel.


Frank Tieri and Mark Texeira are sending the Punisher to somewhere he hasn’t been before…SPACE! In another time and place, set outside of continuity, Frank Castle’s family was killed and he goes on an intergalactic quest for vengeance. SPACE PUNISHER!

Thunderbolts, while not receiving a creative change, will be retitled. Dark Avengers begins at #175, featuring a roster of Dark Scarlet Witch, Dark Spider-Man, Trickshot, Skaar, and Ragnarok. Apparently Luke Cage will remain a constant in the title, and the book will feel like a continuation of Jeff Parker’s current run instead of a full revamp.


Brian Wood is going to be getting TWO MONTHLY BOOKS! Can I get some cheers and awesome celebrations?


Starting with the thirteenth issue, Wood will be replacing Nick Spencer on Ultimate Comics X-Men, with Carlo Barberi on art, and I will possibly begin to buy it. I’ve been a fan of Brian Wood’s for years, but I’m still horribly iffy on all things Ultimates.

His other title is the ‘adjectiveless’ X-Men title currently written by Victor Gischler, which he takes over with #30. This book is immediately going on my pull list, with promises of an epic roster of Storm, Colossus, Domino, Psylocke, and Pixie. My first experience with Brian Wood was Generation X ohsomany years ago, so this is actually something that is going to lure me in.

Bendis promises to not forget about naming a new Sorcerer Supreme before leaving New Avengers. Thank Brian!


Meanwhile, Tim Brevoort called Avengers vs. X-Men a jump on point for new and lapsed readers, and I proceeded to laugh for fifteen minutes.


Dan Slott talked about a Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson reunion and compared it to a Monkey’s Paw, you get what you want, just not in the way you’d expect. To be honest, so long as MJ is in the book, I’m happy with whatever Slott wants to do with her. She’s been done great justice in recent months.


Oh, he’s also doing a story with the Lizard which will coincide with the movie, but he promises to be the culmination of plots that have been building. I’m going to believe him because we have seen the Lizard popping up over the past few years with the obvious feeling that something big is coming.

And finally, Greg Pak will be getting a monthly X-Men title this July spinning out of his arc on Astonishing X-Men. X-Treme X-Men will, essentially, be the new version of Exiles. Using characters like James Howlett, Kid Nightcrawer, and Emmeline Frost-Summers from his recent Exalted arc, we’re going to have new heroes of the X-multiverse…led by fan favorite X-Man Dazzler! Expect Pak to go all out and over the top with this, as with a disposable and replaceable cast, he’s going to be able to push the envelope as far as he wants.

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