Up All Night – Episode 1-19 Review – “Chris Has A Fever”

New baby smell (the good kind, not the dirty diaper kind), tiny socks, first giggles…these are the things that make you want a kid. And on last night’s episode of Up All Night, Chris fell victim to new baby fever and started pressuring Reagan to have a second kid.
That can be a touchy issue for any family, especially one where the first kid was less than planned – a happy surprise, if you will. Reagan is focused on her career and can fit into her old jeans again, and she doesn’t necessarily want to go through pregnancy and labor again. Another baby is a lot to take on – and not in the can-we-afford-this-second-car kind of way.

The Reagan and Chris stuff worked well this week, but the Ava show material just wasn’t doing it for me. I want to like the character of Yvonne, but I feel like she’s been dropped in our laps with little explanation or background. And the rivalry between Reagan and Luke would be so much funnier if we had more context here.
As for the C-plot, which had Ava volunteering as a Big Sister (or whatever generic term they used to express that), it was pretty meh. I didn’t hate it or love it, and I was disappointed that the outcome was simply “Young girl uses Ava to become popular”. It was hilarious to watch Ava assign all the popular teenyboppers with future issues, though – divorce, bad face lift, pill problem, pill problem, pill problem.

I didn’t have a chance to review last week’s episode (Honesty alert: I forgot) but I really liked it – remember, Reagan and Chris were trying to befriend a cool gay couple who live in their neighborhood? I thought it really worked, and I’d like to see those characters again.
What did you guys think?


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