Quest’s Quick Quips: Raw 3.19.12 (John Cena, The Rock, WrestleMania 28, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker)

(Sorry for the lateness on this one, fellas. Completely forgot I didn’t post this here yet.)

– Honestly one of the best opening segments of Raw in a long time. Love that they are showing a different side of Punk.

– I like the Cody/Big Show angle, I just feel both guys could be used much better. They’re making the most of it though.

– Not only has Otunga stolen Chris Masters’ posing but now also the cape? Pryo next week?

– Lord Tensai? WTH? That’s Matt Bloom by the way. You know, Albert/A-Train.

– The crowd really didn’t get into that promo until he said he was coming to the arena. But still another stellar Rock promo.

– Daniel Bryan vs Zack Ryder? I think the internet just blew up for an entirely different reason.

– There’s not much shame in losing to the World champion but damn that was quick.

– Saw the photos from the car accident and I’ve been in a few myself. Looked like a weak fender bender but I’m sure they’ll play up any “injuries”.

– Good match for both Henry and Cena and a nice surprise from Rock. If that’s it for tonight though, I’ll be disappointed.

– At least we get the celebrity and Diva match out of the way in one match.

– A couple of months ago, this match really could have been a great main event. Not now.

– Holy old-school interview platform.

– Teddy vs Johnny is quickly turning into MitB.

– Check out Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger working some traditional tag team wrestling. Pretty awesome.

– Did anyone really need to see a Vickie Guerrero cat-fight?

– That smirk by Shawn at the end was classic HBK but that’s all I really took out of this segment. All in all a good show but I’m glad it wasn’t the go-home episode.

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