Review: Justice League #7 By Geoff Johns and Gene Ha

Justice League #7

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Gene Ha and Art Lyon

Backup story art by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson


The short of it:


Meet Steve Trevor, agent of A.R.G.U.S., world liaison to the Justice League, and subject to much mockery. The world loves its heroes, and believes that there is nothing they can’t do. Men fail, Gods don’t. The League deals with a new villain that is able to create little murderous mini-its, and while they don’t always get along, they know how to get the job done. But yeah, the people have way too much faith in superheroes, and the government is overly paranoid and want the complete cooperation and trust of the League without giving them equal in return. We find out a bit more about Steve’s motivation, why he puts up with all of this crap for the sake of the League, and then someone with many copies of books by David Graves (the writer of the Justice League book that was shown last issue) deciphers the key to destroying the League!



What I liked:


  • Steve Trevor owning a room of Congressmen and women.
  • Actually, Steve Trevor as a whole. I understand he has a bunch of ties to Wonder Woman historically, but I have no real experience with any version of the character (well, no, that’s a lie, I know Steve Trevor from the animated Wonder Woman DVD). He starts off kinda like a tool, becomes a bit of a dick, and then when you finally understand his motivations he feels completely human. I sympathize for this guy.
  • I might not fully get what this new villain is, but I like that they went with one.
  • One thing Gene Ha’s art does here spectacularly is conveying the emotions in Steve Trevor’s face, or, really, anyones. The action looks good, but the people look alive. There’s body language, expressions, just a bunch of really nice small touches.
  • The pacing of this issue is a big improvement over the last arc. I don’t feel like I’m settling in for the first of six issues.
  • As far as the backup goes, I LOVE that Billy Batson is a jerk!


What I didn’t like:


  • Batman’s open mocking of the JLI, when he’s been there first hand to know that despite the way they were brought together, the team isn’t a joke.
  • I understand people love their superheroes, but how short is the bus some of these people are riding on? One guy says the League could reform education. Seriously. The League could fix the schools. I understand what Geoff was going for, but it’s a little hamfisted with how hard they push what the League can do.
  • Hal is more or a prick than I’m used to.
  • In the back up there’s a point where Sivana takes his glasses off offpanel and I confused him with Lex Luthor. Immediately. Also, Sivana is normal person sized. That’s messing with me and my understanding that he is a very short man.


Final Thoughts:


So this is present day…why is Hal Jordan Green Lantern? Currently he only has a ring when Sinestro needs him for something.


Frustrated Batman is funny Batman.


Advanced Research Group Uniting Superhumans? Really? That’s the name? A.R.G.U.S.? I can’t read that and not think of Don Geiss’s Peacock.


So is Metamorpho debuting soon? Does Metamorpho exist in the New 52? They straight up said “Orb of Ra”, and that means “Metamorpho”.


Wait, is mystery bad guy David Graves, writing of the Justice League ‘Gods Among Men’ book? Did he get super powers and go crazy?


Steve Trevor? I’m sold. Now, just don’t kill him by the end of the arc.


I really enjoyed the Shazam backup story and the possibilities it creates. The return of Black Adam! A less than overly innocent Marvel family! Billy Batson is already a dick and I totally dig it. It’s a franchise that needed a bit of updating, and its getting it. Letting it run in the pages of Justice League just accents how major DC wants it to be, because they want every reader to see it.


Overall: 7/10

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