THE RAGER! – Let’s Just Get on With it, Already (WWE WrestleMania, The Rock, John Cena)

The soundtrack for this week is from the band formerly known as The Syncope Threshold

My name is Chris and I like be annoying on Twitter. Follow me and assist me on Monday nights to drive my non-wrestling fan followers insane (how do you like THAT people I went to high school/college with?).

For the past couple weeks, Rage Nation has been participating in the discussion on how the absence of the Money in the Bank match from Wrestlemania affected the show at WM 27. Also, a side discussion has arisen centering around possible match-types that could take the place of Money in the Bank as a way to get the crowd involved emotionally early on. Last week, the following was suggested by a Ragean that goes by the name KaulanaDevilZ:
“Hey Chris, in terms of a match that could be really good for the crowd, but not steal the show, with a bunch of guys: The Championship Scramble. They did it for the WWE, World, and ECW titles at Unforgiven 2008, and with the ECW title at a 2009 PPV. So, for Wrestlemania, do 6 wrestlers, and have them fight for the Intercontinental or the U.S. Titles (Both would be awesome, but too complex). 15 minute time limit. 2 wrestlers start in the ring. A new wrestler arrives every 2 minutes, with all 6 in the ring at the 8 minute mark. Whoever gets the last pinfall or submission is the champion. It’s not a bad alternative as it showcases the midcard like Money in the Bank. AND, if you want the champ to drop the belt so that he can be a future main eventer, this is a perfect way to do it. What do you or the staff think?”

First off, thanks to you and everyone else for commenting and everyone should keep it up because I’m super desperate for attention (gold stars were like crack to me in elementary school). I really enjoyed the championship scramble when it debuted (one of the very few good things to come out of the Mike Adamle era) and I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t been used since. Having something like that at Mania definitely helps get more guys on the card (which seemed to be the biggest reason for MitB in the first place) and a lot goes on pretty rapidly so that’ll keep the fans interested. The only pitfall I see is that it HAS to be for a championship (unless some other benefit for winning is suggested) and I don’t believe it would be prudent for a major championship to be involved in it. My reason is simple, with six guys involved, there’s not gonna be much buildup from a emotional/grudge storyline and if there is, I don’t know if WWE has the capability to sustain it during the months/weeks leading up to Mania. I think it would be great for a US and/or Intercontinental championship and would help in bringing more importance and meaning to those belts. But all in all, great idea!

Did you find yourself nodding off or wanting to end all due to boredom last Monday night during Raw? Well you weren’t alone because that episode was just not fun. My hypothesis for this is because we have reached the point where it’s almost impossible for WWE to hype up these matches any more and this seemed like the week where they couldn’t quite top themselves this week, leaving us to desire more. The problem is that, from the inception of these storylines, WWE had initially only worried with two things: the origin and the result at WM. The middle seems to just be made up week to week (which is nothing new year-round) and now they’re reaching the point where there has to be more talking than wrestling out of insurance for Mania and the well is drying up.
A good example of this is Cena and Rock, they had a plan how it was going to begin and that it would result in WM and, to their credit, even had a MIDDLE in Survivor Series. What happened between all that? Obviously not much but name-calling and Cena kinda shuffling his feet about, waiting for something to do to kill the time.

The point that I’m trying to make is this: Let’s just get to Wrestlemania already.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice.

The answer: “He had lovely singing voice,” she said as she dug her nails in his neck. His head then bid farewell to his shoulders.

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