Want to Become a Pro Wrestling Writer? Contact Vince Russo!

Vince Russo is now promoting seminars he will be conducting on writing professional wrestling television. In a press release he issued, Russo claimed he wrote shows that achieved some of the highest ratings of all-time and helped create stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. The points he’s emphasizing in the seminars are as follows:

–How to get started in writing for a major company;
–How to get your foot in the door;
–How to create larger-than-life personalities;
–Writing effective dialogue for specific characters;
–How to format a wrestling show;
–How to generate new ideas 52 weeks a year;
–How to sell your ideas to talent;
–How to create a successful working environment between talent and writer;
–Dealing with egos;
–Overcoming writer’s block;
–Avoiding the pitfalls of politics;
–How to generate ratings; and
–The difference between writing and booking

CB’s Slant: And if Russo doesn’t deliver on his promises for these seminars, feel free to contact the Law Offices of David Otunga for expert legal counsel.

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Source: The Wrestling Observer