WWE Makes House Show Changes and Steals a Page from TNA’s Live House Show Experience

WWE has made some changes as to how they conduct and operate house shows. They now bring in a different set from what they use on TV so they can block off less seats and do more videos at the shows themselves. They also recently took a page from TNA’s house show playbook by having a special deal where if you bought a new Dolph Ziggler T-shirt, he would then come out during intermission to autograph the shirt. No word if that deal was a “brown-bag” special, however.

In the past, WWE had always been against doing this based on the antiquated belief that the stars don’t come out before the public until it’s time to perform, and you don’t do autograph signings during the show itself.

Another change to WWE house shows is that they are now doing “taped interviews” specifically to run for house show crowds. For examply, they now have clips of guys like John Cena warming up backstage or play a Chris Jericho / Randy Orton backstage interview. These are likely taped on TV nights but air for the live audiences in a few different cities.

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Source: The Wrestling Observer