X-Sanction Spoilers: What Is Cable’s Final Fate?

The whole premise behind this mini is that Cable has 24 hours to live, and he wants to save his daughters life. She’s supposed to die after some conflict with the Avengers, and he wanted to stop that by stopping the Avengers.


The techno virus in his system was going to kill him in hours, and he had Captain America, Iron Man, Falcon, and Red Hulk taken care of. Wolverine and Spider-Man proved to be just slightly too much, as Hope was able to to free the Avengers. With the Avengers free, they bring the pain to Cable, and he goes down for what appears to be the last time. Cyclops and Captain America make a deal, Scott can take his sons body back to Utopia, but he has to leave all of his equipment with the Avengers.


Back on Utopia, Hope talks to Blaquesmith, who tells her that he and her father know what she is capable of. Touching Cable, she absorbs the virus, and then we see the true nature of her abilities.

With the power of the Phoenix, Hope does something that I can’t remember ever seeing before, She cures her father. Completely.

For the first time in his storied existence, Cable is not infected with the TO virus. And he’s alive to see it.

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