How I Met Your Mother – Episode 7-19 Review – “Broaths about Broads”

Could it be? Do you think it’s true? If you didn’t watch last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother don’t click through to the full review because, you know, it’s a recap of the episode.

So do we think Becki Newton is the one??? I have to say, I wouldn’t be that disappointed if she and Barney ended up together. I know I could probably still be convinced that Barney belongs with Robin, but I don’t know about that anymore. I picture Barney with kids. (Hey people who know a lot about HIMYM mythology – have they ever mentioned whether Barney has kids?) I love Quinn’s sass and the chemistry she and Barney have together. I don’t even mind that she’s a stripper. And that wink-wink moment at the end where she said she’d quit stripping if she got married? I found myself hoping it wasn’t a tease.

The story in last night’s episode, “The Broath”, was that Ted and the rest of the gang teamed up to try and figure out if Quinn was still taking advantage of Barney once they realized how fast the relationship was moving. They didn’t like what they saw – Barney was totally whipped by bossy Quinn, and it looked like he’d booked her an expensive, lavish trip to Hawaii. It was time for a quinntervention. (That was amazing.)

But! But it turned out that Quinn and Barney had actually been playing the gang the whole time, because Barney knew his friends would be tough to impress. It was pretty funny, and I love that Quinn is even more scheming than Barney. They’re perfect together, and pretty soon Ted and the others had realized that.

There was also a nice subplot where Ted and Robin bickered over who would get Quinn’s apartment. At first she was only lying about leaving it to move in with Barney, but then the new couple actually decided to make the leap. In the end Robin scored a major promotion at work (I knew that New Year’s Eve TV appearance wasn’t for nothing) and took a bigger apartment, leaving Quinn’s old pad to Ted. They toasted to going back to normal, but Future Voiceover Ted said that was the last time he saw Robin for a long time. I wonder why?

The other little running gag felt a bit off to me – Marshall so desired to participate in his guy friends’ crazy sex stories that he started telling tales about “this girl I was with once” who was so obviously Lily. Marshall has been friends with these dudes for so long, and everyone knows Lily’s the only gal he’s been with, so it felt like he would have resolved any jealousy over bragging by now.

I’m hesitant to believe that Quinn is the one for Barney because I know how much HIMYM showrunners like to mess with our heads. And yet…it feels kind of right. What do you guys think?

Favorite quotes & moments:

  • I still find Robin’s weird hatred for Patrice hilarious.
  • “I was gonna say, and now the gentlemen bump fists. How long you been holding back that one?” – Barney, after Ted and Marshall kiss
  • The running gag about Lily’s crush on Robin is way funnier than the stuff about Marshall wanting to brag about sexual conquests.
  • The thing from which the episode got its title: The Broath! Pretty funny.

UPDATE: Thanks to my friend Mel for pointing out on Twitter that it’s kind of ridiculous that Ted would be crashing in student housing when dude owns a house! A whole house!


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