The Five Things I Loved About Cougar Town This Week

High quality drama Cougar Town is not, which is perhaps why the show was so willing to give a major spoiler on its Facebook page this week and reveal that Grayson was about to become a baby daddy.

Because really, it’s not WHAT happens on this show. It’s HOW it happens, and how the gang reacts. And that’s what “Something Big” was all about. So coming up, My Five Favorite Things About Cougar Town This Week:

1. Grayson gets to be a daddy! This really was a perfect fix, and I actually saw it coming last season. But Grayson discovering that he’d knocked up someone during his trampy period was the perfect fix to his wanting a kid and Jules not wanting another. Now he gets a part-time kid! Woohoo!

2. Laurie is the godmother and the baby’s name is “Tampa”. Of course. Just of course. It all worked so well.

3. Bobby’s new girlfriend “gets” Ellie.We didn’t see a lot of Sarah Chalke this week, but I loved how casually she was hanging out on Bobby’s boat and how she encouraged Bobby not to give up on teaching Ellie to surf.

4.Andy sitting in for Grayson at marriage counseling.

5. “Hey bro, there is no music in the world that will match what your body is doing.” – Laurie

There was one thing that didn’t work for me this week, and that was the Laurie/Travis stuff. I expect a good chunk of you guys will have liked it, because I’ve read that the writers themselves are divided on this storyline. I’ve never been a huge Travis fan, and I think that’s preventing me from really getting on board with the idea of him and Laurie together. He constantly gives out a gay vibe, he’s whiny, lame in a not nerdy-attractive way, and I can’t see him with someone as vibrant and fun-loving as Laurie. There have been times when I’ve liked Travis, but this season hasn’t delivered any. I don’t want this couple to happen. What do you guys think?


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