Huge Arn Anderson Interview: Four Horsemen History Recounted and WWE Hall of Fame Induction Thoughts

In a huge interview with The Trentonian, Arn Anderson spoke in-depth about the history of the Four Horsemen and commented on their upcoming WWE Hall of Fame induction this Saturday night (March 31st) in Miami, Florida as part of WrestleMania week.

Arn Anderson on fans still recognizing him today: “I haven’t been in a ring in a wrestling capacity since around 1998, and still there isn’t a day where I don’t see a guy at a red light, or coming out of the YMCA or wherever put up the four fingers,” Anderson said. “That tells me that our body of work must have had some worth. It makes my day every time.”

Arn Anderson on the “accidental” naming of the group in a TV spot: “We were short on promo time, and they decided to just put us all together for that reason,” Anderson recalled. “At that time, we had been dropping people left and right, and that passage in the Bible came up about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It was really by chance, but the interview just stuck. “Tony Schiavone said afterward ‘You’re on to something there. You just named you guys. You’re the Four Horsemen.’ From that day forward, we just were.”

Arn on the mission of the original Four Horsemen compared with future versions of the group and other stables that came afterwards: “Our goal was not to take over or anything negative like that. We wanted to be champions and represent our company to the highest standard,” Anderson said. “We set out to outdo each other and give the fans the best match of the night. “Ole and I would out there and try to outdo Tully, then he would go out and try to outdo Flair, and it made for a better product. We pushed each other to quality performances, and that was the concept of the Four Horsemen.”

Arn Anderson on the Four Horsemen’s upcoming WWE Hall of Fame induction: “It’s pretty mind boggling,” Anderson said of being selected for the WWE Hall of Fame. “It’s a tremendous honor, and it’s humbling to be recognized with these guys.”

Arn Anderson on helping fellow Hall of Fame inductee Edge decide on whether or not to retire last year: “When a young guy goes down with an injury, I advise them to do what is best for that guy, not for the company or anyone else,” Anderson said. “I’ve had three cracked vertebrae, and that last one took me out. I asked Edge if he wants to risk getting hurt permanently or if he wants to walk around for the rest of his life, and he made the right decision.”

Arn Anderson on how he wants the Four Horsemen to be remembered: “It was not as much about us as it was the audience,” Anderson said. “We had a single goal — to outperform each other. If you saw us perform, we would exhaust you emotionally, and we were driven to be the best thing going in the company.”

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Source: The Trentonian