Sheamus Reveals How Hard It Was To Be Bumped Off Of WrestleMania 27

In an interview with the Baltimore Sun, Sheamus had some interesting comments about the irony that he and Daniel Bryan were bumped from the main WrestleMania show last year and this year are in one of the main events.

The roles are reversed this year, as well, with you being the fan favorite and Bryan being the villain. What’s that transition been like for you, and what do you think it will add to the rematch this year?

It’s actually been very, very strange. Obviously again, going back to it, this match is for such a prestigious title, and of course, with the roles reversed, I think that element, Daniel has had a very successful second half of the year, just like myself. Obviously I think he’s become a little bit befuddled with the championship, over-obsessed with the championship, as well. He’s done everything he can to keep it. Really, his character has changed a lot from this time last year.

I think success has kind of gone to his head a lot, which can happen to certain people. Obviously for me, the opposite happened. I didn’t make Mania last year; I was little bit humbled about that. I realized I’ve got to start again. What I was currently doing wasn’t working, so I changed up things about my style. I became more aggressive, more dedicated, more intense — taking it match by match, night by night — to literally crawl and scratch my way back to the top.

I think it’s proved successful. I got tired of Mark Henry there before SummerSlam just mowing through everybody, and in the back of my head I believed I can easily take him. And obviously me standing off to him, a lot of the crowd actually sided with me, which was a really cool moment and it’s stayed with me the whole time. It’s been a really, really cool feeling having the crowd cheer me on rather than boo and heckle me for the last six to eight months.

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Source: Baltimore Sun