Up All Night – Episode 1-21 Review – “Growing Up”

On last night’s episode of Up All Night, the show focused on two things that can often make for a weak episode: a guest star and an adorable baby. But instead of a cheesy or silly episode, “Letting Go” was really great.

On the adorable baby side of things, Reagan was having trouble keeping her cool now that Amy is becoming more mobile. At one point she thought Amy had toddled outside of the house because the patio door was left open, and began shrieking that she must be “in town” by now. Hilarious, and with lots of adorable shots of Amy to boot. If anyone ever puts Amy from Up All Night and Hope from Raising Hope in the same room, I think the world will explode from a cuteness overload.

And while dealing with all that anxiety, Reagan was also trying to set up an appearance from her idol Stevie Nicks on Ava’s show. I loved ow Reagan kept delivering her incredibly rehearsed suggestion that she join Ava and Stevie on stage to sing as though it was just a silly, spur of the moment thought. She nailed it twice, and it’s hard to make the same exact joke land a second time.

What I loved about Stevie’s Nicks’ guest spot was that it had the perfect balance of build up and pay off. She didn’t dominate the episode but was the focus of a lot of conversations, and when we finally met her she played the perfect caricature of herself. Having just watched her as a mentor on American Idol, I loved seeing her make fun of herself. She can make the baby and the dog quiet down just by saying “Ssshhhh.”

Oh yes, Ava got a dog. There wasn’t much to this storyline, but it was funny enough. I loved the idea that Ava’s own anxieties were giving her poor pooch IBS, which in turn gave Ava IBS. It was a “poop loop”. I also loved that it showed how Ava would be just as worrisome as Reagan is as a mom. Also, both Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph did killer impressions of Caroline Manzo from Real Housewives. I think it’s time for Christina Applegate to host Saturday Night Live again.

Chris’s storyline was truly hilarious though, and one that I think anyone over the age of 30 can relate to. (OK OK, that’s not me – but my boyfriend is over 30 and plays ball hockey and is VERY similar to Chris, so it resonated with me.) Chris is too good for the “old timers” rec hockey league he plays in, but after getting an invitation to join the young guys’ beer league realized he’s past his prime as well. He can’t handle getting shoved into boards like that anymore, but he was too stubborn to admit it. There were many hilarious moments, like when he fell over the new baby gate and when he tried to make it seem like Reagan wouldn’t let him play in the young league to save his pride.

The show ended with a hilarious fantasy duet between Reagan and Stevie Nicks, which kind of felt like a gift for Christina Applegate. I loved it.


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