WWE Network Is Still Going To Happen. Really.

WWE Chief Marketing Executive Michelle Wilson is denying that the company ever had a target launch date for the new WWE Network, despite promotional material used by WWE in late 2011 and other media reports over the past few months. Wilson says they are close to securing a distribution deal.

Wilson called the WWE Network a game-changer and says they hope to reach 50 million homes. WWE has currently hired 30 people for the Network and hopes to fill 120 jobs in the CT area.

To go along with the Legends House reality TV show, WWE is working on a similar reality show for the Divas.

Quick Quip: CT is rapidly becoming a hotspot for TV networks with NBC Sports, MLB Network, Yes Network & ESPN all with offices/studios. It’s been nice for us in the area & if this Network does launch, there are plenty of talented people in the area to make it work.

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Source: The Danbury News Times