10 Thoughts on TNA IMPACT WRESTLING 03.29.12 – Cowboy James Storm, Austin Aries, Velvet Sky, Hulk Hogan

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Reviewing the 3/29/12 episode of IMPACT WRESTLING…

1. You would think if TNA is going to go to the trouble of reuniting Gail Kim with Madison Rayne they would at least get a crown that fits her head. Watching the crown try to stay on her head both backstage and on her way to the ring was quite comical.

2. Very cool video of Cowboy James Storm’s training for his Lockdown World title match. Seemed very genuine and believable as Storm trained in a shack in the woods with a trainer as he talked candidly about Beer Money and Roode’s selfishness breaking it up. The rain outside added a nice visual during the piece. Very well done.

3. As much as I cringe at watching Hulk Hogan GM every week I will admit they handled the decision pretty well with the “private” conversation between him and Dixie Carter and final segment of the show. Is Hogan asking us fans to give him a clean slate as an entertainer as well? That’s tough.

4. TNA lucked out with the Kurt Angle/Jeff Hardy feud which saw Kurt cost Hardy his match against Mr. Anderson leading to him not having to face Hardy at Lockdown. I believe that was recorded before his hamstring injury. This might be a perfect time to bring back RVD to feud with Jeff. Or maybe John Morrison. You listening TNA?

5. Velvet Sky picked up the big win over Madison Rayne raising her stock once again to compete for the Knockouts title. She looks ready. Hopefully a series of matches with Gail Kim can elevate her even more. Velvet has the look by far, she just needs to get over that hump as an in-ring performer and Gail is certainly more than capable of helping her get there. After defeating the previous #1 Contender and Velvet throwing out the challenge, this sets up their feud perfectly.

6. Move of the Night:

Austin Aries’s Missile Dropkick on Bully Ray.

A thing of beauty.

7. Lines of the Night:

a. During the Wedding Planning segment during a conversation between Eric Young and the attractive blonde wedding planner

Lindsey Scott – “So, how many groomsmen are you going to have?”

EY – “Uh…I dunno…How many can you handle at one time?”

b. On Christy Hemme’s hot naughty schoolgirl like outfit after the cameraman scrolled up on her

Taz – “Quite possibly the greatest ring announcer attire in the history of ring announcing attire.”


8. Match of the Night

World Champion Bobby Roode and Bully Ray vs. X-Division Champion A-Double Austin Aries and Cowboy James Storm 

Last week’s Bully attack on the X-Division did indeed lead Austin Aries to a tweener/babyface role for Austin Aries as he inserted himself into the mix to help James Storm against Roode and Bully Ray this week. Entertaining and exciting match up that instead of rebuilding the cohesive unit in Roode and Bully as they teased at the start of the show against the freshly turned Austin Aries and Storm, things seemed to completely break down as Storm ducked a beer spew from Roode right into the face of Bully, who also got pushed into a superkick by Roode. Nice finish and Aries looked exceptionally well once again against the “Big Boys”. More Aries in Main Events please.

9.  Final Show Thoughts:

It was announced the Motor City Machine Guns return next week. I think by default, that might turn Samoa Joe and Magnus heels. ODB and EY will now get married in a cage on April 12th’s Impact. Devon finally appeared on Impact, his first TV appearance in a while, but no mention of his title win and no belt when he came out to support Sting’s decision to sway Hulk Hogan to accept the GM position. Crimson and Matt Morgan battled to a double count out. No surprise there. The Bischoff storyline will hopefully come to an end with the making of Gunner vs. Garett Bischoff in a cage at Lockdown. TNA is in serious need of some fresh talent on their show and I don’t mean Garett. Established talent would help or a hot independent act. RVD returning if used in major stories would help, but they need some new main event caliber talent to inject new life into their product and shows. I also have to ask, where is Brooke Tessmacher and Chelsea?

10. IMPACT PLAYERs of the WEEK: 

Cowboy James Storm, Austin Aries, Velvet Sky, Hulk Hogan

Storm was excellent in every segment used from music video, promo video, opening Roode/Bully segment and Main Event match. Aries is breaking out into a Main Eventer past the X-Division, Velvet is poised for another title reign and the Hulkster performed well, but where will he go from here?

That is all.

M.C. Brown

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