Quick Quips: WWE WrestleMania 28 (The Rock, John Cena, CM Punk, Chris Jericho)

– Getting set up for the preshow. Smart move putting the dark match streaming online

– The Rock names The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar as possible future @WWE opponents. Yes, Brock Lesnar.

– The people who paid for the show=Recap show. Online for free=Tag title match. Makes sense

– First pyro mishap. Guess the Usos aren’t important enough

– Less than 10 minute tag match when they have a half hour to fill. Makes sense.

– AJ doing the “YES!” routine was fantastic.

– Wooooah that was a pop for Sheamus. I’m hoping we can hear the crowd a little better this year.

– Ho.Ly. Shit. Makes sense considering the way Daniel Bryan won the belt.

– 18 seconds?! Well I guess that’s better than being bumped from the show.

– Now Kane/Orton will go 20 minutes.

– Check out Randy Orton showing off his agility.

– Well now that surprised me. I guess Kane earned the WrestleMania payday but over Orton? Interesting.

– Ok that was a good backstage segment.

– Wow, Cody Rhodes looks like a cross between a gay Daredevil & Dr. Doom.

– The REAL weapon of WMB was that spear to Cody’s nuts. Nice win for Big Show though.

– Looks like Beth Phoenix salvaged Rey Mysterio’s headdress from WrestleMania 22.

– Molly Go Round from Kelly Kelly.

– Did anyone really believe the celebrity was going to lose?

– End of an Era match right in the middle of the card? Interesting.

– Wait, I’m confused, when did they put the haunted house up?!

– Hello, Samurai Undertaker…

– Undertaker looks like he has the Bully Ray mohawk.

– Wonder if we’ll be seeing any blading in this match…

– I am loving the intrigue of Shawn Michaels in this match.

– Poor Charles Robinson.

– That Superkick & Pedigree was exactly how I called it on Monday. THIS is why Shawn Michaels should have never retired.

– This match is FAR exceeding last year’s match, in my opinion.

– Undertaker’s back looks like raw meat.

– Much much better match than last year. Shawn provided the drama & then they went 5 mins shorter.

– My wife just POPPED when Heath Slater got thrown into the wall!

– I will never forget being at the Raw where Edge announced his retirement. Amazing. Thank you Edge for all of the pain and entertainment all of these years.

– Saw that cluster finish the second Eve appeared with Zack Ryder. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Teddy Long in the HOF next year.

– I’m really torn now on if we’re going to be seeing a Punk or Jericho win here.

– Does Chris Jericho’s tights mean his ass is The Best In The World?

– That Codebreaker reminded me of the RKO from last year. Stellar.

– Old school Liontamer!

– Beautiful, fantastic match between the two Best In The World!

– The subtleties of the finish of that match were amazing. Just the shifting of the hips by Punk to avoid the knees from Jericho was terrific.

– I’ll take that Funkasaurus dance-a-thon over any “rap” concert any day.

– This has to be the most skinny white people that have ever been on WWE TV.

– Aw the “jorts” are back.

– We’re pushing 15-20 mins of a musical interlude.

– John Cena’s “Celtics” inspired shirt is kind of ticking me off.

– Cena’s very much playing the babyface with heelish tendencies.

– Some of those Cena punches were pretty stiff.

– And it looks like The Rock paid Cena a receipt.

– Good crowd shots too.

– Has John Cena ever pinned someone with that legdrop?

– I’m still waiting for this match to pick up…

– Hot damn! Down goes the Franchise.

– They really must have something planned for Cena/Rock & SummerSlam after tonight.

– Much, MUCH better WrestleMania tonight than last year’s WrestleMania. Good show all around.