10 Thoughts On… South Park Episode 16-04: Jewpacabra

We’ve reached the halfway point in South Park’s 16th season part 1.

1. Cartman’s Passover Holiday Special – starring the JEWPACABRA. This episode starts with a bang!

2. Cartman is listening to the story of Passover from Kyle’s mother as he gets up and brushes his teeth. That’s when Cartman reveals the myth of the Jewpacabra

3. Kyle says Jewpacabra and Big Foot are just myths that stupid people believe in. Of course the next shot is Butters, who goes with Cartman into the woods searching for the Jewpacabra. He finds a dog? in the woods and uses it as proof of a Jewpacabra.

4. Cartman gets a huge budget from Sooper Foods, a supermarket chain who doesn’t want to cancel their “fun and safe” Easter Egg Hunt. First he randomly goes to a water slide at the Atlantis resource on Nassau – paid for by Sooper Foods. Then he goes back to Colorado and has his picture analyzed and the Big Foot Research Offices, filled with four fat dudes, deem the picture to be real.

5. In a bizarro-world scene, Cartman calls Kyle when they are both in bed, and asks whether something he made up could actually be true? Awesome. Kyle blows it off and throws his own phone out the window to avoid further calls from Cartman.

6. As things progress, Cartman is kidnapped by the Super Foods execs and then dressed up like the Easter Bunny, chained to a post in the park. Their theory is that the Jewpacabra is only after him, and he can be the bait.

7. They even go to Kyle’s door and tell him, as a Jew, that – not they are anti semitic – but if the Jews had a Jewpacabra beast, there was a fun and safe sacrifice in the park.

8. In the middle of the night, the four fat dudes from the Big Foot offices see Cartman, think he’s a new species called the Bunny Man, and shoot him with a dart. Rather than checking him out, they agree to get a new show on Animal Planet. The stupidest of the four grabs the dart gun as evidence.

9. Cartman is knocked out cold, and has a bizarre dream/nightmare where he is the son of the Pharaoh in Egypt during biblical times. There is a re-telling of the plagues, mixing in Jewish and Christian biblical ideas into an offensive slurry. When the Jewish God goes to kill all the first born of the Egyptians, their heads literally explode, including Cartman’s.

10. Kyle helps Cartman back to bed, and in the morning, Cartman declares himself a Jew to the whole crowd at the Easter Egg Hunt. Kyle still thinks he’s lying, but the show pretty much ends there.

Overall: A wild and offensive episode that continues a hot streak for season 16. There were tons of random and hilarious parts, and the whole storyline was a mish-mash of biblical nonsense that didn’t really go anywhere, but remained funny.