Alistair Overeem Is 14 Times More Manly Than You, Half as Much as Brewers LF Ryan Braun, Per PED Test

Keith Kizer released the details of Alistair Overeem’s failed PED test to MMA Fighting recently and the results aren’t pretty. Overeem produced a testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio of 14:1 in his failed urine test, more than twice the legal 6:1 limit that Nevada has instituted and three times the limit of WADAA, Olympic and nearly every other state’s 4:1 ratio.

It’s also approximately half the levels that Milwaukee Brewers Outfielder Ryan Braun tested at in October of last year for a comparison and 1/6 as much as former Detroit Lions WR Johnnie Morton, who tested at 83.9 before a 2007 fight in California.

As of right now, Overeem has a couple options. He does have the right to ask for his B-sample to be tested to ensure the accuracy of the result. Every fighter taking a urine test has their sample split up into two in order to ensure accuracy; the second test would most likely be the same as the first but false positive have been known to happen.

That would likely trigger a carbon isotope ratio test; that test is used to determine whether the it was natural or synthetic testosterone in his urine. Overeem is unlicensed in the state of Nevada currently and would have a difficult time getting licensed; Keith Kizer explains it in detail to former Pride announcer Mauro Ranallo in an interview you can listen to right here.

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Source: MMA Fighting