Your Favorite TV Shows… Which Ones Are Safe & Which Ones Are Cancelled?

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while, but never got around to it. I have time now, so here it is, before networks announce their decisions. This list is not exhaustive, but of the shows left out, you can figure out whether they will be renewed or canceled. So a show like Suburgatory, while not officially renewed, doesn’t need to belong on the list because everyone knows it’ll be renewed.


Body of Proof: It bared squeezed by last season, getting low 2s. Now it’s getting mid 1s, sometimes close to 2. I don’t see it coming back.

Once Upon a Time: Safe for renewal.
Castle: Its ratings are pretty low, but it’s close to syndication, which means lots of money.

Pan Am: Crashed and burned.

Missing: Ashley Judd brought the star power, but it’s a goner.

The River: I guess the Paranormal Activity message never got out. I don’t see a second season in the future.

Cougar Town: It may gotten a reprieve last year, but with the rest of ABC’s comedy block in the 2s or higher, I can’t see it getting another season.

GCB: If the ratings are any indication, GCB won’t replace Desperate Housewives. Maybe ABC will try to pair if with comedies during the weekday–if it gets renewed.

Private Practice: Its ratings continue to decline, but that’s been the case for all networks. I would be surprised if it were canceled, but not completely.


Terra Nova: Canceled and it’s highly unlikely anybody else–another network, Netflix, DirecTV, what have you–will pick up up.

Alcatraz: If it maintained the same ratings it was getting at the beginning of the season, it would be safe. As it stands now, it is on the canceled side of the bubble.

The Finder: Almost certainly a goner. Its backdoor pilot wasn’t well-received and the ratings for the actual pilot weren’t great, following the winter finale of Bones. But the episode airing after American Idol didn’t do well either. I’m quite surprised by that.

Touch: Ratings have remained good since the premiere, it should stay around.

Fringe: I’d like to see a final season, but the ratings have been really low. Maybe a final 13 episode season for the fans?

Breaking In: I’m not sure what Fox expected from it, but the ratings have been bad.


Community: Could go either way, but I’m fairly certain it’ll be renewed Critics like it, fans like it but few watch. Syndication is on the horizon, however, and the ratings have been good since its return so that could push it to be renewed.

The Firm: Started off bad, moved to Saturday, and is still bad, so pretty much canceled

Whitney: It started off fairly strong, but the move to Wednesday hurt it. Still, with NBC’s low standards, it has a fighting chance.

Are You There, Chelsea?: Whereas Whitney is more or less in the center of the bubble, Chelsea will likely be canceled, never getting decent ratings except for the premiere.

Bent: I don’t know why, but NBC basically gave up on it before it even aired and burned it off in 3 nights.

Harry’s Law: It was miraculously renewed last year, but that surely won’t happen again.
30 Rock: NBC will likely bring it back, even if it is for a final season.

Awake: The show is pretty awesome, in my opinion, but the ratings definitely are not. I don’t see it getting another season.

The Office: Normally, I wouldn’t have to say anything about the show and just assume that NBC is bringing it back. But with cast members and writers leaving in droves, it less than certain what will happen in the future. That said, I’m sure the show will be renewed and will likely be retooled. It’s still an excellent performer and NBC is in desperate need for any kind of ratings success.

CBS (completely left it out before, lol)

CSI: Miami/NY: I think it’s more likely one of these is canceled than both renewed or both canceled. It’s hard to tell which one, however.

Rob: It’s doing well, but CBS likes to jettison comedies that aren’t doing extremely good, so it’s up in the air.

Rules of Engagement: CBS has kept it around this long, but it’s hard to tell what they’re going to do with it.


Ringer: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to television hasn’t turned out that well, and the ratings have been low enough to warrant cancellation.

Hart of Dixie: Its ratings have also been low. It probably closer to getting renewed than Ringer, so there is somewhat of a chance.

Secret Circle: I can’t imagine the CW not giving it another season, even if it is moved to a less populated night like Friday.

Supernatural: I haven’t liked this season at all, but the CW should be committed to the show

Nikita: This one is probably the trickiest out of the CW’s action-y shows. Its ratings are around the same as Ringer and Hart of Dixie, but it’s on a Friday. Like with Hart of Dixie, it isn’t looking great, but a renewal is not out of the picture

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