Earth 2 Watch: How Does Mister Terrific #7 Set Up Worlds’ Finest #1?

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So, this little chestnut has been under the radar. Following the Earth 2 set-up at the end of Justice League #6 and the Worlds’ Finest set-up at the end of the Huntress mini-series, comes another set-up piece in a book that DC is cancelling in April.

March’s Mister Terrific #7 has a powerful page of Karen Starr demonstrating her Power Girl abilities. She steals a piece of technology that appears to be key to an attempt for her to make it back to her home on Earth 2. With this and the Dan Didio’s multiverse musings, this shaping up to fun companion series: Earth 2 and Worlds’ Finest; the latter starring Huntress and Power Girl.

(Click on the image to the right for a bigger look.) :)

So, DC Comics has said that Earth 2 lore is seeded in the Huntress mini-series, Mister Terrific and the Birds of Prey series.

I wonder when we’ll see how BOP ties into this soon? Also, DC has said Mister Terrific will still remain active in the DC Universe after his series is cancelled. So, in what form will that be? A part of Worlds’ Finest? Trying to get his tech back? An unwitting spoiler of Power Girl‘s plans to get home? Time will tell. Should be a fun ride.

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