Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE SmackDown 4.6.12 (Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton)



– I’m hoping for a strong SmackDown after the lackluster showing SmackDown had at WrestleMania.

– That might have been the biggest pop Teddy’s ever received.

– Why does this whole angle really need to continue? A WrestleMania ending would have been perfectly fitting.

– I’m excited for this handicap match… as long as it leads to a R-Truth injury angle.

– Damn.

– Jumping right to Kane vs Orton. Their match at WrestleMania wasn’t terrible but I really didn’t need a rematch. Especially one so soon.

– For a guy who is consistently a top merchandise seller, been with the company for almost 10 years & a certified main eventer, Randy Orton has really fallen to the wayside in the last 6 months.

– I’m surprised they haven’t even mentioned that SmackDown has a new World Champion yet.

– When does Randy Orton go after this feud with Kane? Does he elevate Cody Rhodes? Or does battle for #1 Contendership with Daniel Bryan?

– 1 to 1. So Orton vs Kane at Extreme Rules. Cage? TLC? Inferno?

– Like Ryback’s new gear but holy Goldberg imperssation. Least he has more going for him than Mason Ryan.

– I’ve been looking forward to this promo all week.

– I still cannot fathom how AJ can be 25 years old.

– Not since Randy Orton or Steve Austin have I seen someone get over so well as a heel that he’s becoming a babyface.

– One of the better wrestling relationship breakups. The only problem is that I don’t think that AJ is over enough to garner sympathy and therefore parlaying heat onto Bryan.

– Big Show as IC champion is just weird.

– That was a great Jericho/Punk angle that just got lost in the Brock Lesnar shuffle.

– What did Beth Phoenix do to deserve all of this?

– Nice video for the late Strongbow.

– Damien Sandow: the 2012 version of the 1994 version of Bob Backlund.

– That belt looks like it was designed for Sheamus.

– A World Champion with anger issues? Been done but not as a babyface. I like Sheamus as champion and I like the range of heels he has lined up for him… except for maybe Del Rio. He’s not awful, I’m just tired of his act I think.

– On a whole, I liked the show and the two “debuts” worked well. These are the types of things I like seeing after a WrestleMania. Start your new “season” and let’s see some fresh faces and matchups.

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