WWE Monday Night Raw 04.09.2012 Live Results: Brock Lesnar, John Cena

What will happen now that Brock Lesnar has returned to the WWE?

We start things out with Big Johnny coming out to new music. He cuts a short promo and then shows a video of last week’s John Cena promo, which was interrupted by Brock Lesnar. Laurinaitis introduces Brock, who comes out to his music. Brock says that he is here to restore legitimacy to the WWE, which immediately prompts John Cena’s music. Cena comes out to the entrance then down to the ring, and gets in the ring. He walks up to Lesnar and slaps him in the face. Lesnar pounces and they have a pull apart brawl with tons of refs and suited officials trying to separate them. Next the lockerroom comes down and tries to separate them as well. Finally things calm and about 20 guys are holding Cena and Brock in opposite corners. Cena has his mouth bloodied up with his usual big grin, then he jumps his security and goes back after Brock. Another brawl and things calm back down again with about 40 people in the ring separating them. Lesnar breaks away from his corner and jumps at Cena and the brawl resumes. Lesnar is restrained on the floor and Cena in the ring. The wrestlers separating them are not scrubs – at least Sheamus, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston and others are shown. Brock retreats up the ramp.

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Recap of what just went down between John Cena and Brock Lesnar.

Backstage John Laurinaitis yells at Teddy Long to track down John Cena and get an explanation. Long leaves, and Laurinaitis discusses this decision with David Otunga when Eve enters. He blows her off. She tells him to call her. In this was the announcement of Cena vs Lesnar for Extreme Rules.

The Funkasaurus Brodus Clay w/Funkasaurusettes & Santino Marella vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger w/Vickie Guerrero
Santino joins Brodus during his entrance for some double dinosaur dancing. Vickie introduces her team. Clay sells a bit during this match and Lawler makes a note of it. Swagger controls Clay as we head to a

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And we’re back and the heels have the heat on Santino. A hot tag to Brodus and the Funkasaurus is ON FIRE. Big splash on Ziggler and clean pin for Clay.
Winners: Clay & Santino

After the match they all dance, including Santino’s trombone.

Backstage Laurinaitis is talking to Miz and Miz walks away happy. Teddy Long enters and Johnny yells at him until John Cena entered. He points out his bloodied face and says he’s no moviestar upset about messing up his money maker – that guy just left. Cena gets angry at Laurinaitis hiring Lesnar to take him out. Cena doesn’t want the night off and tells Laurinaitis to choose his opponent. Cena exits, then Laurinaitis tells Teddy to get David Otunga as the opponent.

Santino chats with Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins about the Three Stooges, he’s looking for them.

Clips of Mark Henry vs CM Punk from last week on Raw. The rematch – for the title – is tonight!

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Santino runs into Kane in his search for the Three Stooges. He does some wackiness and then scampers away.

R-Truth vs. Cody Rhodes
They go back and forth for about 1 minute then The Big Show music starts. Big Show comes out in a suit holding the IC belt and holding a mic. The match stops. Footage of last week on Raw is shown with Big Show taunting Cody Rhodes and costing him the match against Kofi Kingston. Cody turns around and R-Truth hits the “Little Jimmy” for the pin.
Winner: Truth

Cody is livid after the match and Big Show laughs at him from the stage.

Back to Santino’s search backstage and he finds a giant wooden box marked FRAGILE. And shock of shocks, it’s filled with the THREE STOOGES who come out and do wacky antics with sound effects. Santino shows Moe the Cobra. Moe changes it to end with only two fingers, calls it the Moe-bra and hits Larry with it. They go back into the box, say they have to “think outside the box” and then run away making Three Stooges sounds.

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Lord Tensai w/Sakamoto vs. Yoshi Tatsu
Some boos on Tensai’s entrance, but not much. Same slow and plodding squash as last week. The crowd does a mocking “Al-Bert” chant during the middle. Finishes Tatsu with the Chokebomb, and the referee stops the match rather than have a pin.
Winner: Tensai

After the match Tensai continues to attack and locks in a MIGHTY CLAW on Tatsu.

Clips of Chris Jericho attacking CM Punk with whiskey from Raw last week.

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Video shown for this week’s Super Smackdown Live – blast from the past – featuring Mick Foley, Roddy Piper, Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase and other legends, apparently tomorrow night.

More clips of Jericho/Punk from last week

CM Punk comes out first with a mic. He cuts a long promo about how Straight Edge is a choice and Jericho has brought him to a dark place. Jericho interrupts from the Titantron, talks more about the drinking and calls Punk “CM Drunk”. This sets Punk off and says now it’s not just about being best in the world, but kicking Jericho’s ass.

Mark Henry enters as we do a pre-match

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WWE Championship
CM Punk (c) vs. Mark Henry

Still don’t love the World title defended mid-show, but what are you gonna do. Match begins after the break and Punk is angry and attacks to start. The brawling quickly moves to the floor where Punk smashes an announce table TV on Henry and gets DQed.
Winner: Henry by DQ

After the match, Jericho comes down to his music holding cases of beer. Punk is distracted and Henry attacks him from behind. Henry brings Punk in the ring and hits 2 World’s Strongest Slams until the ref tells him to stop. Henry exits and Jericho pours a beer over Punk, who attacks. But Jericho rebounds against Punk, hitting the codebreaker. Jericho proceeds to pour more cans of beer on Punk and taunts him.

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Zack Ryder vs. Alberto Del Rio
Ryder comes out first to a nice pop, Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Del Rio. Ryder gets some early offense then Del Rio takes control. Ryder dodges Del Rio and then knocks him into the corner for the Broski Kick. Goes for the Rough Rider but Del Rio escapes and locks in the cross arm breaker. Ryder taps.
Winner: Del Rio

The Three Stooges do wackiness backstage. They are in front of the crowd – NEXT

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The Three Stooges come out. Actually it’s Moe and Larry. Curly is not there. Then “Real American” plays and Curly comes out dressed like 1980s-era Hulk Hogan complete with fake moustache and do-rag. Curious. Curly cuts a promo about his movie in a Hulk Hogan brother-voice. Crowd is booing. Curly finishes with “Whatcha gonna do…”. Kane’s music plays, he comes to the ring. The other two Stooges escape but the Hogan guy does not. He does a finger-point YOUUUU but Kane chokeslams the Stooge and the segment ends.

Josh Matthews interviews Mark Henry backstage. Josh asks Henry to explain his attacks on Punk. Henry announces a title match against Punk next week with no DQ or countout.

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Brock Lesnar talks to Josh Matthews backstage. Brock said he left 8 years ago when he was on top. Then he went to UFC and became champion and UFC’s success rides on his back. Brock is happy that Johnny Laurinaitis had the wisdom to bring him back and put him back on top.

Long video package highlighting HHH vs. The Undetaker from Wrestlemania 28 with various superstars interviewed to put over the match including Randy Orton, The Miz.

David Otunga enters to his music as we head to a

Commercial Break

David Otunga w/John Laurinaitis vs. John Cena
Cena tells Laurinaitis to “get off his phone” at ringside. Otunga actually gets a decent amount of offense, with Cena selling that he was attacked by Lesnar. Dueling chants for Cena seem about even on both sides. Cena makes his own comeback. Five Knuckle Shuffle. Attitude Adjustment. Then an STF and Otunga taps.
Winner: Cena

After the match Lesnar appears in the ring out of no where and gives Cena a low blow from behind. Crowd is booing. Beats him down a bit, then hits an F5. Crowd chants “one more time”. Brock wags his finger then walks off, to boos. John Laurinaitis looks on from his seat at ringside and claps. Interesting to position Lesnar as such a strong heel.

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