10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw 4.9.12 – Brock/Cena Encounter, WWE Title Match, CM Drunk, Lord Tensai, Alberto del Rio

Welcome to the most inconsistent column on Inside Pulse, 10 Thoughts on Raw! I am your host, the ever-busy Engineering student, Rhett Davis and without further adieu let’s get started!

1.  After watching the show, they showed have left the Brock and Cena stuff alone at the beginning of the show.  The low blow and F-5 at the end just didn’t have any impact towards this.  And the F-5 had about a hundredth of a reaction that last week’s did.  They should’ve just had the brawl at the end of the show or left it alone at the beginning.

2.  Putting Santino and Brodus together is a smart move, but really this feud should be over the tag team titles as these are really the only two teams.  The Colons have barely been on the show and haven’t impressed since being on there.  The Usos are a good team, but they also just don’t have the exposure or popularity of these four men.  I guess they could scramble this up and throw The Colons in there for a triangle match.  Most likely it will be The Colons losing to Zig Swag on some house show we never see.

3.  So did we just have a recap within a recap?  I felt like I was watching Inception for a moment. Anyways I like how the odds have switched since WrestleMania.  It’s like a mirror reflection from before and after. Before Mania, we had Cody showing off all of Big Show’s embarrassing moments, and now we have Big Show displaying all of Cody’s loses.

4.  The crowd this week was terrible.  They absolutely ruined the Lord Tensai match by chanting Al-Bert.  Yes, he was formerly known as Albert, but is it really necessary to crap all over his new persona by chanting it?  We didn’t hear Jamal chants when he came back as Umaga did we?

5.  Really I figured this week’s WWE title match would have been a No DQ match, but Punk would lose his temper and hit Mark with a monitor to lose the match by DQ setting up next week with a WWE.  It adds more rage to Mark Henry and next week’s match should be interesting just to see how Punk overcomes the odds to defeat the behemoth.

6.  The beer bath by Jericho is awesome and it really is an evil side that I’m surprised more people have not stooped to with Punk.  The only person I can think of who did it is perhaps JBL.  This feud is red hot and should go past Extreme Rules.

7.  Well at least we have Ryder on Raw now right?  I mean sure he’s losing to Del Rio, but exposure is exposure.  Now, can we get him in a program with say… The Miz?  Or anyone really.

8.  It seems like everyone hated the Three Stooges bit, but c’mon… we’ve had worse.  I’d take them over The Hoff or some bozos from Hot Tub Time Machine.

9.  John Cena vs David Otunga in the main event of Raw, who would’ve thought… Otunga is a great personality, but a main eventer he is not.  I understand that this was an irrelevant match as it just set up the Brock attack, but this should have happened next week or just had a better opponent… like The Miz who was in the building.

10.  Overall an ok Raw, but the Brock angle is already starting to become redundant.  If he’s not going to wrestle, Brock attacking people is going to get stale fast.  Big Show sets up his feud with Cody at Extreme Rules.  Jericho bests Punk again and continues to really enrage the WWE Champion.  Tensai continues his dominance and ClayTino wins over Zig Swag to further their new found comedic duo.

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And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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