Mick Foley vs Dean Ambrose: The Saga Continues

The Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose video from WrestleMania 28 weekend in Miami has been a hot topic among wrestling fans and people in the wrestling world. The idea behind the program is to build the angle as if it was a legitimate confrontation between Foley and Ambrose that wasn’t scheduled to happen, and then play off that to build Ambrose’s character.

As noted earlier, the entire thing was planned and WWE writer Ed Koskey was there taking notes and watching the whole thing.

Here are some recent comments from Foley and Ambrose playing up the angle:


“Having a blast with my kids at Disney. Not really concerned about some guy I’ve never heard of.

“Three months ago,people asked me about facing TAKER at Mania – now, it’s a guy from FCW. TITANIC 3D isn’t the only ship sinking this week.”


“Must be nice to be so arrogant and oblivious. Guilt free family funtime. Just great. Good for you. @realMickFoley

“Nah, In a perfect world id rather see his house repoed and his family starved than see Mick make another dime off wrestling

“#wwe I Just watched Edge’s full Hof speech. Big fan of Edge, too bad he had to retire so young #ThanksMick

“He raised the bar of stupidity so high everyone ruined themselves tryin 2 get 2 it

“#wwe Atleast Edge got to have a hof career. Alot of people didnt even get the chance to have one at all #thanksmick

“#wwe likes to pretend Mick Foley never existed. Wwe is still apologizing for him by sterilizing the product. #raw

“Btw..I have zero fear of reprisals from the office for wat ive said about mick foley cuz nobody high up in #wwe has any respect for him”

And now following Tuesday’s live Super SmackDown episode, Mick Foley tweeted, “I had a slight problem at Smackdown, so I took care of it. I didn’t ask WWE to send him home, but I’m glad they did. Sayanora scumbag.”

Ambrose stated earlier on Twitter that he was sent home from SmackDown, enclosing an image of his flight notice (a tweet in which Jim Ross re-tweeted). He wrote,

“#wwe Looks like they must have been in a hurry to get me outta Virginia tonight. #senthome #pissed #thanksmick”

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