Saturday Night Live – Episode 37-18 Review – “Sofia Vergara”

It has been far too long since we have talked.

First off I would like to apologize to Jonah Hill. In my last review I accused Jonah of not being funny and relying too much on the material written for him. Turns out Jonah writes a lot of his own stuff so, whoopsie. I recently saw 21 Jump Street and it was hilarious and then I found out Jonah co-wrote the whole thing and I definitely have eaten my words.

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Anyway, things are changing at SNL, rumor has it that Andy Samberg, Kristen Wiig, and Jason Sudeikis are leaving by the end of this season, which I think is a smart decision. I think the rest of the cast can support the show and it can allow the others to grow. Then they also added a new cast member named Kate McKinnon. So let’s see what happens.

Now let’s address this week’s show. Modern Family’s Miss Sofia Vergara was this week’s host. At first I thought she was going to do a great job because she is perfect on her show. But when I saw her interview on Jimmy Fallon I realized something. Her accent on the show is a real accent. Than I thought this means the writers will probably only write her to be someone loud with a Columbian accent. And they did! Again, Sofia is excellent on her show but I realized she just does not have the range to do anything else. But I appreciated her efforts.

Opening Sketch

Another Mitt Romney opening? Hasn’t anything else happened in three weeks more interesting than Romney? Mitt again is desperately trying to sway voters and he is pandering way too much. I believe all politicians pander a lot and he really isn’t that special. The one funny part was when Romney flubbed the famous Saturday Night Live opening as, “Hey New York! Let’s start the show.”


First off, Sofia’s body should be illegal. It doesn’t make any sense. DAYUM! This monologue was pretty low key. Sofia just pulls off her classic, “Whoops, why so many American men so nice to me?” Then she finishes off her monologue with “I will forgive you if you stare at my chest all night.” Can she see me? Just kidding.

Bein’ Quirky with Zooey Deschanel

Yes, this skit was back with my favorite sidekick Michael Cera! Zooey’s first guest was Drew Barrymore played by Kristen Wiig. I think Kristen and Drew are pretty chummy in real life so Drew shouldn’t be offended by this pretty exaggerated impression. Sofia shows up as the quirky pioneer Fran Drescher. I know that Sofia was supposed to emulate the annoying voice of Fran but maybe she did this a little too well. My poor ears. My favorite line in the sketch was Zooey’s sensitive Popsicle stick boyfriend who says, “I love when you are silly around the house.” Yes, I dream of a guy who would say the same thing to me.

Commercial – Almost Pizza

I am having a difficult time describing this sketch. I will just wrap this up with “No laughter from Allison.”

Commercial – Just Friends Booty Shorts

It’s so sad that two straight men can’t get coffee together or go antiquing without people thinking they are a couple. What a terrible world we live in. That’s why they invented; “Just Friends” booty shorts so you can tell the world you are not a couple in the most flamboyant way. This skit was silly but not imaginative. And is it just me or did it seem like Andy and Jason wrote this and wanted to run around New York City in booty shorts? If the rumors are true and they are leaving the show then maybe they just don’t care anymore.

News Team Promo

As soon as this sketch started my eyes started rolling because I could assume what was going to happen. A simple task (like looking into a camera) can’t be done by one person so the others get very frustrated. Sigh!


Gilly? Seriously? This is not a good sign for the show if they brought back a character who was designated never to return. The hilarious part of this whole sketch was when Bobbi’s character heard his hot teacher say, “Bosom.” He goes from this:

To this:

Watch What Happens Live

We don’t get this show in Canada but I wish we did. I love Andy Cohen whenever he hosts the Real Housewives’ reunions and in the States you can watch him 5 nights a week. Now, I don’t get the vibe that Andy Cohen is self-absorbed and thinks he is adorable but I love the version Taran and the SNL writers created. As well, SNL addresses a very good point on the show, “How do they get all those A-List celebrities to come on?” I believe Sarah Jessica Parker is a frequent guest as well I have seen Ralph Finnes on the show too. Tonight’s insane guest was Desmond Tutu. Poor Sofia only had two lines as a Persian from Shahs of Sunset. Again, another show Canada doesn’t have.

Next, we get our first taste of Kate McKinnon’s material as she does a funny Tabatha Coffey impression. Good job Kate. Can’t wait to see what other things you got.

And yes, I have wondered what Andy Cohen’s head would look like on a Pomeranian.

And yes, I also would watch Desmond Tutu’s Tutu Hot to Handle.

Manual Ortiz Show

I get it. Sofia is from Columbia and has a thick accent, therefore they must bring back the Manuel Ortiz show. I don’t find the content of this sketch funny but I do enjoy the dancing part. So I shall review this portion. First, off Taran totally killed the dance part of this sketch. Poor Sofia didn’t know when to stop dancing and Keenen looks like he can’t dance at all. Then for fun they brought in One Direction to appear on the show as the children. Wow! Those boys are not NSYNC. See what I did there?

Pantene Commercial

I am impressed that Kate already had a staring sketch but this wasn’t funny. Yes, getting people with accents to say difficult words is silly but just not funny.

Hunger Games

If you are going to do a sketch about international phenomenon book and film The Hunger Games, give it more thought that this last sketch of the night. I am a huge fan of the series and I am pretty sure I spent most of the time pointing out errors. For example, “A duh, it was Peeta who camouflaged himself not some kid with glasses.” Seriously, don’t mess with Peeta. I believe since it was the last sketch of the night Sofia hammed up her performance even more than she needed. Great effort!

I think Sofia did a great job with what she was given. I doubt she has any regrets. I mean if I had that body I wouldn’t regret anything. HELLO! Also, I usually don’t review the music portion but I was impressed that the new boy band OneDirection didn’t lip sync. Not only that they were pretty good. Oh, if only I was 14 again.

Next week is Josh Brolin. Have they even done an updated Goonies sketch? I want to see that.


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