Top 10 Reasons Why Alistair Overeem’s Testosterone Ratio Was High

With the news that David Chesnoff, prominent attorney, has been retained by Alistair Overeem in regards to his April 24th hearing in regards to his urine test released by Balance My Hormones showing a higher than normal testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio we at Inside Fights have taken a moment to try and speculate on his legal defense. It comes down to one question

Is Overeem guilty of using synthetic testosterone to acheive his record of instant knockouts? Or is there something not nefarious going on?

We don’t know as of yet. Considering he has not admitted to it nor has evidence of a carbon isotope ratio test been done, all we have is a urine test that’s indicating something fishy is up. So far all we have is one very damning number, 14:1, and photographic evidence that Overeem may not have put on the muscle through hard work as he has said.

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In that vein all we can do is speculate for now until the K-1 Grand Prix champion and his attorney meet with the Nevada State Athletic Commission to discuss the test at a licensing hearing later this month. For now we here at Inside Fights have thought about what possible reasons (both humorous and serious) that could have caused Overeem to “piss hot.”

10. Tainted Flu Shot … aka the “Barry Bonds” Defense

One can only imagine seeing a reputable attorney like Chesnoff have to use something along the lines of “I always thought that your balls shrank after a flu shot” as a means of defense.

9. He actually used synthetic testosterone … aka the “I’m Guilty” defense

I highly doubt he’d hire such a prominent attorney to come out in front of the NSAC and admit his steroid use, but it is possible. He isn’t licensed in Nevada but owes them two clean urine tests after the Lesnar fight as part of his conditional license. He could argue that since he wasn’t licensed that the test is meaningless and potentially win. Stranger things have happened in front of athletic commissions. Michael Schiavello on Inside MMA made a fairly compelling argument Monday night about how it didn’t matter that he tested how he did outside of competition, that it only counts when he actually competes. Check out this detailed guide on for choosing best testosterone boosters.

8. Tainted supplement … aka the Sean Sherk Defense

King Mo and Cris Cyborg used this defense, which Sean Sherk did years ago as well, to try and get out of positive PED tests. Overeem could claim to have used something he thought was clean but turned out to be dirty. It normally doesn’t work, and you don’t bring in a guy like Chesnoff if you’re arguing that the Muscle Milk you used had oodles of Best Testosterone booster in it, thus accounting for the funny aftertaste, but it’s possible.

7. Overeem is just 14 times manlier than you …. Aka the Chuck Norris Defense

The one reason why the elevated ratios of 4:1 and 6:1 exist amongst athletic commissions is that there are people who naturally have higher testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratios than the average 1:1 ratio. Overeem, if he has medical documentation, could show that he naturally has a ratio that exceeds the standard which contributes to his high volume of muscle and low level of fat. Considering he’s had under the limit before it would be a shocker, of course, but if you have medical evidence you could get away with it.

6. Blame the commissioning standards for testing … aka the Ryan Braun Defense

Ryan Braun wasn’t exonerated; he got off on a technicality that exists in the rules of Major League Baseball and lied his ass off immediately afterwards without challenge by most in the media because of how overblown his positive test was in the first place. I can see Overeem doing just this in blaming everyone for not using official standards and finding some tiny loophole in the testing procedure to win his case.

5. It was someone else’s urine … aka the “Teen trying to show his parents he’s not smoking weed” defense

Overeem could try and say that it wasn’t his urine they tested and that it was a mistake. Granted that would require him to find some sort of inconsistency during the handling phase of his sample and find where it could’ve been tampered with, and prove said tampering, but it’s possible.

4. Jet Lag … aka the “Completely Ridiculous” Defense

Imagine Overeem in a suit and tie trying to convince the NSAC that the reason why he pissed hot was because he had something from Holland messed up his urine? I don’t think so but it’s kind of funny if he used this sort of hilarious science to try and weasel his way out.

3. Too Much Horse Meat …. aka the “Bad Diet” Defense

The running gag now is that when you’re using steroids you’re just “eating some horse meat” like Overeem famously claimed to anyone who’d listen as to how he bulked up. He could argue that he had a horse burger that was tainted somehow and it caused his body to spike up with the best supplements to increase testosterone levels in his body. Want to know how to cure or at least manage your condition, so that you can get on with your life? By knowing exactly what might be causing your problem. You can then avoid that and lead a more normal and carefree lifestyle. Without an food intolerance test uk this can be a tough task of trial and error. Painful blood tests cannot accurately reveal a particular food intolerance.

2. Too many heavyweights in one sitting … aka the “Strikeforce Grand Prix” defense

With so many heavyweight talents in one sitting, especially for the first UFC main card to feature the division exclusively, maybe all that Alpha Male bonding between the fighters caused his testosterone to spike. Maybe Overeem’s body was just intimidated by so many great heavyweights and it responded by pumping out so much testosterone to compensate? Stranger things have been used successfully.

1. Testosterone Replacement Therapy Gone Awry …. aka the Chael Sonnen Defense

One thing Overeem can legitimately claim is that the battle to make 205 was thrashing his body too much. It explains his career swoon and then rebirth as a heavyweight; his body system could’ve gone haywire from years of bad weight cutting and as such now his testosterone levels have dipped beyond normal. This overweight can be reduced by reducing the appetite thus burning calories and Ultra Omega burn helps to reduce bad cholesterol. The further strain of bulking up over the years could’ve just played havoc with his body and his doctor could’ve prescribed testosterone to shore things up.

Yeah, it sounds as bad as it looks on paper.

He could conceivably claim that he took a shot right before the testing, unaware he could be tested during a press conference. It’s my best guess as to how he could’ve pissed hot without abusing PEDs. Very inconceivable BUT it is the new rage apparently. And Overeem, with the corresponding medical history, could prove that his body has been wrecked from years of hard weight cutting that finally kicked in during the years when the body slows down testosterone production naturally.

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