Raising Hope – Episode 2-21 Review – “Amazing (Nancy) Grace”

I don’t have a lot to say about Raising Hope this week, other than I thought the show was funny in a fluffy, watch-while-tidying-my-apartment kind of way. I used to be really into Raising Hope, but nowadays I find it’s more the kind of show I consume at the end of the day, when I’m sleepy and getting ready to go to bed and only half pay attention.

“Inside Probe” featured Nancy Grace doing a Nancy Grace type feature story on Hope’s baby mama Lucy. It was all very funny, and I liked how new details about that crazy incident were brought to light. Like, Jimmy actually married Lucy.

Then at the end, it was revealed that Lucy is still alive.


A season or so ago, I might have found this funny. But instead, it just feels like a contrived obstacle for Jimmy and Sabrina.

This was the first part of a two-part season finale, and I have higher hopes for next week’s episode which sends the Chance clan to family court to try and keep custody of Hope. I’m glad Fox has renewed Raising Hope for another season because I enjoy the show, but last night’s episode wasn’t my favorite. Fingers crossed, I’ll like next week’s better.