Interinactivity: 04.13.2012 – Brock Lesnar, John Cena, & The Extras

Welcome back to another thrilling edition of “Interinactivity”. I admit, I haven’t watched a lot of wrestling since WrestleMania. All right, so I haven’t watched any. I YouTubed the Brock debut and the Bryan / Shaemus reactions, but that’s it. Me not watching wrestling is not a pattern that I see changing anytime soon.

All I’ve been seeing is articles about how the WWE’s show and business is awesome now. I don’t really see how that’s the case – although this is par for the course after WWE does one passable show. Anyway, I didn’t really know how much I’d have to contribute given that I haven’t paid any attention to what’s going on outside of recaps. (Speaking of which, where’s Wheeler been at? Miss that dude’s recaps.)

But, I should have realized that there would still be more than enough material for Interinactivity. I contributed to Martin’s “Five Things I Like About Modern Pro Wrestling” article from this past week, and one of the things I said was that I enjoyed checking out wrestling fans’ reactions to stuff. This may actually be my favorite thing about modern pro wrestling. I can never predict what people will choose to like or dislike. It’s like trying to find logic in a TNA Knockout storyline. An example was when people started buying into this Shaemus push from last year – that legitimately surprised me (and still does.)

I also thought people would be all into this Brock Lesnar thing. People were all into the Rock thing at first, then everyone complained about various reasons why they had to wait a year to see the match, how little Rock was on the show, how they never had that much actual contact, how the promos were endless, etc. Now Brock is here – and he’s kicking Cena’s ass right away. They’re having a match straight away. There’s been very few promos that I’m aware of.

And yet, here we are. It amazes and amuses me to no end what bothers some people. This leads us to…


James A: I can’t stand those stupid crowd-brawls. Why waste Sheamus (the World Heavyweight Champion!), Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry and Alberto Del Rio in a stupid crowd scene which makes everyone who isn’t Brock or Cena look like idiots?

Blair: Ridiculous. What a thing to complain about.

Explain how this is being “wasted”. Is this the ONLY thing these 4 gentlemen are being used for in WWE right now? Because from what I’ve read, these 4 gentlemen all have their own things going on right now. This in no way diminishes any of those that. Are you saying that Bryan and Shaemus running out to separate Brock Lesnar and John Cena for a few minutes is somehow taking away from what they’re doing? If so, explain how. Is it a distraction that neither can afford? Because I think that’s a hilarious statement.


Law: Preach on, brother. The idea of a brawl is fine, but not at the cost of making everyone else on the active roster look like tools- leave that for the officials and backstage crew.

Blair: Drivel.

In the WWE world, compared to Brock and Cena, everyone else on the roster ARE tools. Swayze wrote in his contribution to Martin’s article that the WWE has given up on John Cena – maybe I’m missing something, but I really don’t see how that’s the case. Lesnar and Cena – they’re the height of the show – not anyone else. Not Bryan. Not Shaemus. Not Del Rio. Not Sexual Chocolate. If The Undertaker suddenly broke character to run out and try to separate them – then okay, that would be pretty random. But that’s not happening – so far, it’s the guys fighting over the ECW Title, Sexual Chocolate, and Alberto Del Rio.


Law: Why would Alberto Del Rio etc. care enough that Brock and Cena were brawling to come down to the ring and break it up?

Blair: Presumeably because someone in charge told them to go and break it up.


James A: Do you like seeing top guys reduced to extras? I despise lumberjack matches for the same reason.

Blair: Good Jesus. Who in that ring is a “top guy” besides John Cena and Brock Lesnar? Did Triple H work his way in there without me seeing it?


Mark: I don’t think most fans see the other wrestlers as being reduced to extras. They are just following orders. The pull-apart brawls get big heat from the crowd and put over the “hatred” between the talents involved. It’s a great way to get over main event angles, extend the feud to the next week, and as Sideshowbob intimates below, needing big name wrestlers like Henry and Sheamus to keep Cena and Brock apart makes it all seem that much more important. You see “why are Sheamus and Bryan in a stupid crowd scene?” while most see “jobbers and officials never could have kept them apart so we needed our other upper carders too.”

Blair: Ha ha… “big name”.



“Twonk” is such a great word. Okay, so it’s not a word. But I’m making it a word. It’s a title that I’m going to give to whoever has a comment that is absolute drivel on an even higher level than the rest.

Law: Too early to start a “Brock leaving date” sweepstake? Early indications seem to be that they’re really gonna drop the ball here with his return.


This has been “Interinactivity”. Remember to comment, or shoot me an e-mail at Until next time, I’m Blair A. Douglas, living proof that you don’t actually have to watch wrestling to be entertained by it, even if Scott Steiner’s Twitter feed isn’t readily available. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

I’ll be in my trailer.

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