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I’m sure there’s been wild speculation as to this column being missing for two weeks.  Here at Extreme Archive headquarters, we have appreciated the cards and letters wondering about the status of the Extreme Archive.

One internet board post speculated that I ran out of ECW videos to watch.  Others were suggesting that I was recovering from fireball damage.  The only thing I will dispel is the rumor post suggesting that I contracted some horrible venereal disease contracted in the late 90s at the Travelodge in Philadelphia. 1

No, simply the combination of WrestleMania weekend 2 and Easter weekend put a damper in my writing schedule.  Now, onto better and brighter things as this week is the first hour of television recorded from May 15th.  This is still pre-Summer Sizzler tapings, mind you.

With no further ado:

ECW Television – Episode 013

Taped: May 15, 1993
Broadcast: June 22, 1993
Taping Location: ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Paul E. Dangerously


  • JT Smith and The Dark Patriot had an extreme moment, when The Dark Patriot dives onto Smith from the Eagles Nest.
  • Stetson and Winters continued their feud, while The Sandman was able to get some revenge by pinning Rockin Rebel with an assist from Peaches.
  • The Suicide Blondes fought the Super Destroyers and Sal Bellomo when the Dangerous Alliance got involved and a nine man brawl broke out to end the show.


Opening Segment: Sulli, Dangerously, & Tod Gordon

Tod Gordon is talking with Sulli and Dangerously talking about how the brawl that ended last weeks show would not be tolerated. Gives the first announcement of the next big ECW that is taking place in September 4.

Today’s card includes: The debut of Ivan and Vladimir Koloff, Tony Stetson vs Larry Winters, TV Title Match: Jimmy Snuka vs Tommy Cairo, and highlights from the chain match between Terry Funk and Eddie Gilbert from the Super Summer Sizzler

Segment #1: Recap of the Texas Chain Match Massacre

Jay Sulli and Tod Gordon in casual clothes talk a little about the Sizzler. First, informing the ECW fanbase that they are planning on getting bleachers for the arena. 5

And then there apparently was some controversy during the match between Funk and Gilbert, where apparently new ECW referee Kevin Christian 6turned heel in the ring, awarding a victory to Eddie Gilbert even though Funk had touched all four corners first.> Kevin Christian has supposedly revealed himself to be Freddie Gilbert the third brother of Eddie Gilbert.We are shown some footage of the match, which is okay, but nothing real special. No real sense of rhythm to the match, just each one getting opportunities to get on offense. 7

Sulli interviews Funk after the match sounding exhausted, but challenging Gilbert and the Dark Patriot to a hair vs hair match.

Segment #2: The Koloffs (Ivan & Vladimir) vs Glen Osborne & Herve Renesto

The Koloffs deliver a very strong old school match, where they pick apart a body part. Herve Renesto is the victim here, so much so that Osborne doesn’t even get tagged into the match. It’s a pretty slow and boring match, but that’s mostly because Renesto isn’t very sympathetic. During the match, I actually hear a “USA” chant. 8 Old school, but wrong format for it. Vladimir finished it with a belly-to-belly followed up by a submission move.

Segment #3: Eddie Gilbert hits Philadelphia

Eddie Gilbert is reportedly hanging out on Delaware Avenue 9 in Philadelphia at Kat Man Du. He is confronted by Jay Sulli and Tod Gordon. 10 Gordon even gets in a plug for his jewelry store. I’m sure the owners of Kat Man Du were thrilled at this ‘publicity’.

Segment #4: Tony Stetson vs Larry Winters

Winters runs into the ring and starts the fight before the bell. I like how one post-match beat down has created a huge grudge feud between Winters and Stetson. So much so, that these two keep beating up the referee to get the double-DQ. The locker room empties to separate the two.

You have to be really impressed with Sulli and Dangerously who have to talk about what’s happening in the ring which actually took place before the Sizzler, and then to push the agendas going forward after the Sizzler.


The next ECW TV Taping is August 7th & 8th including a rare American appearance by Stan “The Lariat” Hansen. Pretty impressive actually. Additionally, ECW is apparently negotiating with Japan’s WING promotion. 11

Segment #5: ECW Television Championship Match: Jimmy Snuka vs Tommy Cairo

Snuka comes down with the Dark Patriot and Don Muraco, but Paul E. Dangerously stays at the announce table. Back and forth match, but as Cairo is getting the advantage, Muraco grabs his foot. Snuka takes over, finishing it with the patented Snuka Splash.But wait, here comes Terry Funk to inform the referee that Muraco interfered. And based on FUNK’S WORD ALONE???? he reverse his decision! 12 I mean I don’t think he even double checked with the audience even.

Segment #6 Sal Bellomo vs Rick Michaels w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III

Rick Michaels is of the Suicide Blondes 13 and Sal Bellomo has been teaming up with the Super Destoyers, and Jay Sulli is calling them the Three Musketeers. There is no surprise here, as Bellomo is able to combat the interference and get the victory before a pier-six brawl erupts between the Suicide Blondes and the “Three Musketeers”. And with that we go to the end of the show.


Historic Significance
  • Heel referee Freddie Gilbert has joined the Dangerous Alliance/Hot Stuff International (at the Sizzler, but announced on TV)
  • Eddie Gilbert is the King of Philadelphia having won the match with Terry Funk.
  • Larry Winters and Tony Stetson are continuing their feud.
Ivan Koloff & Vladimir Koloff (in the ring debut)


ECW Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco Since 04/03/93
ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions Suicide Blondes Since 04/03/1993
ECW Pennsylvania Champion Tommy Cairo Since 05/14/1993

ECW Spotlight

Sorry, no spotlight this week. Was going to do a quick spotlight on the WWF in 1993, but real life and job are intervening. My sincere apologies.


Wow, a real holding pattern episode if I ever saw one. It is very tough trying to keep things fresh. I mean this episode was shot five weeks before this episode was aired. I don’t know how the people at the television taping were even interested in coming to the Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular. Not much great wrestling or interesting storylines. Let’s hope for better next week.


1.  Sorry, you’re not getting an explanation for that joke.  You either get it or you don’t.

2.  I’m not sure how many people want to read about public access wrestling from the 90s during a normal week, but I would think that interest would be vastly diminished during WrestleMania weekend.

3.  Spent the weekend getting the house ready for the family and all that.

4. I believe this would end up being Ultra Clash.

5. I know those bleachers quite well! I’ve sat in at least three of them.

6. I’m pretty sure that is the second son of Jerry “The King” Lawler, Kevin Lawler.

7. I’m planning on reviewing Super Summer Sizzler one day.

8. A USA chant. In the ECW Arena!!!! I didn’t recognize it, because it wasn’t followed by a “Shut the F*#k Up!” chant that would warm the cockles of my heart.

9. Delaware Avenue is a street along the Delaware River that was the hot spot in 1990s where dozens of night clubs sprouted up. And is right around the corner from the ECW Arena. These days all of those night clubs have closed, and Delaware Avenue is mostly known for a Walmart.

10. And they look as out-of-place as a 40 and 50-year-old man would in a nightclub on a Friday or Saturday. Not that Gilbert looks in place, but in a town with a Mummers Parade, a man with a crown is pretty normal.

11. W*ING is a Japanese promotion that is long gone. For more information see.

12. I mean knowing how many chair shots and death matches Terry Funk has been in, you’re going to trust his word? I think the man’s a living concussion?

13. One day I’m going to write “Hollywood Blondes” instead of “Suicide Blondes”. I just know it. I can feel it. Hell, maybe I already did. Don’t make me go look.

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