FSW Adrenaline Rush 4.12.2012 — Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli, Alkatrazz, Sergio Vega, Mike Da-Lite

Hello, everybody! Kelly here, to bring you the sweetest taste of Southwest indy delight. What are my boys from FSW up to these days? Well, let’s find out!

1. I try to avoid talking about dark matches because, well, let’s face it, they are what they are. But this match in particular caught my eye, and not in a good way. Clutch has become useless fodder for the guys in need of hype…not that I’ve always been a Clutch fan, but it’s a shame to see him sparsely used to get over. And Julian (whose name will forever be forgotten based on my ears betraying me) seemed to be able to fall back on fan support, despite a shaky debut. Never mind the fact that I want to rename him Murphy after all the drop kicks. But I do have to say, I got that “indy feeling” when he entered, and expect great things from him once he finds a rhythm.

2. It’s remarkable. A year and a half ago, I was forgetting Moshpit Mike’s name after his disastrous “Spike Match” with Chuey Martinez. I know I keep mentioning that rocky beginning but damn. DAMN. So much has changed. Not only has he managed to trim down in a way that makes women hate him, but he just brings so much life to each of his matches. Especially against the charismatic Johnny Manson. I always look forward to his matches.

3. When Tyshaun Prince’s name was announce, I leaned over to the buddy I’d brought to the show only twice before, and said, “wait until you see this big mamma jamma.” I’d remembered him from the Las Vegas FSW show in January as a big, bad, (for lack of a better term) mother fucker and knew what he was capable of. I have no idea who “The Playboy” is, but Primo Chukky Jr. was always intriguing to me. I especially loved how Prince asserted his power by continuing his hold on Chukky, forcing the locker room to empty. And, the fans! They were on board with the behemoth, but he managed to turn them against him in the most brilliant of ways. Honestly, I can’t wait to see more.

4. Hawaiian Lion’s match with Ray Basura was…cute. But the tension was so thin, you could only assume it achieved that status through an eating disorder. You could definitely tell that the match was obligatory, considering Lion’s challenge extended towards Lawrence Tyler. However, I am greatly looking forward to their bout at Xtreme Measures 2.

5. Nearly a year ago, Mike Da-Lite faced Kyle Hawk at the first Xtreme Measures, and I deemed it the match of the night, easily. Now, one short month before the second Xtreme Measures, the two men faced each other one more. As a result, hopes were high. Hawk has always been impressive, and Da-Lite had become a favorite since day one. Even if there wasn’t a jaw-dropping plank from Da-Lite (though, there was a Landshark, which was god-like), the rest did not disappoint. Could it have been bigger? More powerful? More sexual? Of course. But honestly, it was one of my favorites of the night. Once again.

6. The moment I heard Dexter Verity announce that he would begin a hetero life partnership with Andrew Hellman, I squealed. The two were so dynamic on their own, I could only hope that as a tag team, they would dominate. Let’s not forget, Dexter was a tag team champion with Val Venis. Which was truly amazing. But this alliance feels very real, very interesting, and very dangerous for future opponents.

7. Speaking of excellent tag team partners, Jayson Cash and Cutler Wright have been ridiculously incredible in recent weeks. Wright was the first person in FSW (formerly Elite Xtreme Wrestling) that made me say, “huh…this might be something” in his match against Khan Kussion. But aside from making me wait outside the bathroom at the Vegas FSW Arena, Cash has done nothing but make me smile the entire time I watch him. Whether it be his uncanny resemblance to the CM Punk/Kevin lovechild that could possibly exist, or his absolute draw once he steps out of the curtains. Suddenly, these two have replaced the large, Tombstone-shaped hole in my heart. Weird!

8. Sergio Vega’s bout with Jay Garland followed some sort of playbook, but they made it worth my while. I especially loved the twist of Garland following Vega underneath the ring, and suddenly, a wild Mike Da-Lite appears! The countout was a little dull, but I was genuinely entertained.

9. When I first heard Miracle Mike James fire his manager, Johnny Roxx, I was floored. I thought it was an excellent swerve. Because the two seemed more compatible than Harry and Ginny. But now, I wonder what on earth they’ll do next? I hope they find a genius way to connect all the people, but it seems a little strange for this drunk girl.

10. Oh boy. How I enjoy watching Alkatrazz do his thing. Well, not as much as I like headbanging to his entrance tune, but still. The main event was interesting, and exciting. Not sure what outside influence clouded my memory of this match (I blame the Bud Light I had to order when they took away my normal beer…gross) but I remember being excited. Tyson Tyler’s involvement was small enough, and important enough, that they made it work. The finale of the entire sha-bang was so enthralling, that I truly had no idea what would happen. If there was a better way to finish the show, I can’t think of one. Strong showing for the boys of FSW.


These guys are something to see, and it’s not limited to Arizonans. Look them up on GoFightLive, the website, and Facebook to keep up with the best in the Southwest.

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