Game of Thrones Episode 2-3 Review: These Wicked Games

So, this week’s Game of Thrones review probably asks more questions that it actually offers commentary. I liked “What Is Dead May Never Die”, but it was a bit confusing. Did any other TV-only viewers find this?

Beyond The Wall

Jon Snow’s revelation that Craster is feeding his newborn sons to White Walkers turned out to be not so much of a surprise – the old guy in charge already knew. That was basically it – the Night’s Watch needs men like Craster, so that means turning a blind eye to dead babies. I mean, Craster has to die eventually, right? And then…that’ll be it for these people. It’s an odd way of life.


Bran revealed that he has prophetic dreams via his direwolf. That was Winterfell in a nutshell, but I’m sure this will become important.

Renly Baratheon

I had to look it up this place and character. The handsome guy with the pretty crown was Renly Baratheon, the youngest of King Robert’s brothers. Apparently he already considers himself King. If we’ve seen this place before (we probably have) I didn’t remember it. Catelyn Stark went to see them about working together.

There was a duel, and the winner was a woman – I looked this one up too, it was Brienne, daughter of Selwyn Tarth. By Game of Thrones standards she is very masculine, and she wanted to join Renly’s kingsguard. Just from this episode, she sort of reminds me of a future Arya – especially when she instructed Catelyn not to call her Lady Brienne, just Brienne.

Also, Renly Baratheon is gay.


So, it turns out that instead of working with the North, Balon Greyjoy plans on trying to capture it. That’s not at all what Theon had planned, but obviously Balon couldn’t care less about Theon. He gave Theon away, and now he doesn’t trust him. Stockholm Syndrome and all – after all, Theon is there to try and get Balon to join forces with the North. Instead, Yara is in charge of the attack. She gets 30 ships while Theon will get one humiliating vessel called “The Sea Bitch” so he can go rob some little fishing villages. Ouch.

Theon contemplated warning Robb, but didn’t go through with it. He’s chosen his side.

King’s Landing

Tyrion was all business this week, though I did find it a bit difficult to follow exactly what he was trying to accomplish. There was a lot of deception, and Tyrion told a lot of people different versions of the same plan – bear with me, I had to look this one up too. He wants to marry off one of Joffrey’s born-of-incest sisters to appease one of the Great Houses. When Cersei hears about this, she is angry. Tyrion knows which person betrayed him and takes care of that, and he also convinces Cersei that marrying off the princess will protect her. So basically, Tyrion Lannister for the win.

Tyrion’s prostitute girlfriend has a new gig as Sansa’s handmaid. The scene with them was intriguing – will they develop a friendship? They are both outsiders in King’s Landing.

Night’s Watch

Sword fight! This was pretty bad ass, even though it was super dark and I had trouble understanding what was going on. I’m not sure who it was that attacked them (men from King’s Landing again, I suppose), but they were looking for Gendry. Yoren, the man who was taking care of Arya, dies. Some die, some are captured.

Arya, smart like a fox, told them that they’d already gotten Gendry. After all, that murdered kid over there has Gendry’s famous helmet. Smart girl!


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