WWE.com Story Explores why John Laurinaitis Chose Brock Lesnar as the New (Heel) Face of WWE

WWE.com posted a feature story exploring John Laurinaitis’ decision to handpick Brock Lesnar as the new face of the WWE and how that choice can either be a genius move or one that ultimately backfire on Johnny. It can be genius because Brock Lesnar conquered UFC and is now coming back to reclaim the top spot in WWE by going through John Cena at Extreme Rules, but it can backfire because Lesnar is someone who can’t be contained for too long.

To prove that last point, the article references Lesnar’s WWE storyline relationship with Paul Heyman that began on April 8, 2002 at a live episode of Monday Night Raw and lasted less than a year before they parted ways. Also, the article discusses the idea that Brock could simply be using Johnny Ace as his own pawn so that he can immediately go right to the top of the WWE food chain without having to work his way back up.

Furthermore, to play up John Cena’s history with Brock Lesnar, the story talks about Cena losing to Brock at Backlash 2003 and mentions everything Cena has accomplished since Lesnar left WWE, most importantly citing John’s 10 WWE Championship reigns since Brock left.

CB’s Slant: This is a good read that better explains the reasons why Brock would team up with Johnny for the moment, with “for the moment” being the operative words. It also clearly highlights the issues that Cena and Brock can sell to the WWE fans to accentuate this feud, something I hope they do a better job of explaining during the actual Raw TV broadcasts leading up to their match at Extreme Rules.

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Source: WWE.com