WWE Monday Night Raw 04.16.2012 Live Results: Brock Lesnar, John Cena, London

WWE is in London!

We start things out with the World Title rematch.

WWE Title (No DQ, No Countout)
CM Punk (c) vs. Mark Henry

Slow feeling out to start and Henry takes control with power moves. Punk rebounds with some kicks and they go back and forth. Brawling moves to the floor. Punk jumps into Henru, who catches him, and hits him against the STEEEEEEL as we head to a

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And we’re back and the brawling continues. They begin to involve some weapons, as a STEEEEEL chair is introduced. Henry works over Punk with the chair. Brawling continues. Punk makes a comeback. Both are down with Henry in the corner and Punk up with a running knee to the corner. Henry runs into the bare corner where the chair is setup and he seems to be out. Punk has the chair on the floor and goes to the top rope. Top rope steel chair drop by Punk on Henry and Punk covers for the pin.
Winner: Punk

After the match, Chris Jericho appears on the Titantron and compliments Punk for finally beating the big man. He announces that it will be Jericho vs Punk in a “Chicago Street Fight” at Extreme Rules. Punk retorts that he will be at an advantage since it’s Chicago and he just won a no DQ match. Punk then shows footage of Punk? going into a local bar in the UK. Then he is shown leaving with a hoodie on. Jericho asks Punk what he was doing in the pub. Punk tells Jericho to smell his breath right now. He met up with a friend of his. Jericho thinks Punk is in denial. Jericho compares Punk to his father.

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Backstage R Truth is doing a Sherlock Holmes character and has a wacky encounter with Teddy Long.

US Title
Santino Marella (c) vs. David Otunga

Both men get full entrances. Back and forth action for about 3 minutes. Otunga gets a cover and pin but Santino puts his foot on the bottom rope. As Otunga argues with the ref, Santino hits the Cobra and gets the pin.
Winner: Santino

Backstage Josh Matthews interviews Lord Tensai with Sakamoto. Before he says anything, Sakamoto grabs the mic and speaks Japanese, then Lord Tensai talks in an ANGRY GRUMPY VOICE.

Coming up: Brock Lesnar has controversial comments!

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Brock Lesnar video montage. It has footage of Brock from his earlier WWE stint, F5’ing the Rock and others. Then footage from his recent run-ins with John Cena. Brock talks about dominating UFC and being the guy to return WWE to being tough. If Brock was here the last 8 years, Cena would be carrying his bags. Brock says Cena is scared of him. The match at Extreme Rules will be an Extreme Rules match!

Zack Ryder comes out and we see footage of recent Ryder/Kane happenings.

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Before the match, footage of Smackdown with Kane beating up Bob Orton Jr. is shown, with Randy’s reaction and subsequent beatdown by Kane.

Zack Ryder vs. Kane
Kane knocks Ryder from the apron onto the announce table, beats Ryder around ringside, then brings him back for a chokeslam.
Winner: Kane

After the match, Kane cuts a promo about Randy Orton.

Backstage, AJ is talking to Kofi Kingston when Daniel Bryan approaches. He runs her down and starts a “YES” chant and says it like 50 times in a row as the crowd chants along.

Later tonight: John Cena’s State of Mind

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John Cena comes out to a mixed mostly boo reaction. Footage of last week’s pull apart brawn with Brock Lesnar is shown. Cena is out to respond. The crowd chants “YES” and Cena does it with them for a moment. Then back to the script about John Laurinaitis and the match against Brock being an Extreme Rules match at the Extreme Rules PPV. Cena believes Laurinaitis is out to get him and brought in Lesnar to rid the WWE of Cena. Brock is not going to do charity and shake hands, he is here to destroy. But Cena won’t go down easily – he will fight. April 29 he will fight! He says this a few times. His voice cracks on the last one. John Laurinaitis’ music plays and he comes out. Laurinaitis says Cena will be in an Extreme Rules match tonight, and in a contract signing with Brock next week. Because it’s the new era of PEOPLE POWER, he won’t be telling Cena his opponent.

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Wacky detective skit backstage with R Truth and Hornswoggle

Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston
Neither man gets an entrance and we start with the bell. Bryan on offense early and is WAY over with this crowd with first “YES” then “Daniel Bryan” chants. Bryan works over Kofi with kicks. Apparently Daniel Bryan has changed the name of the Lebell Lock to the “Yes” Lock. Interesting. Bryan continues to control, sending Kofi to the floor. But Kofi dodges Bryan coming off the apron to the floor, then hits a move on Bryan from the apron and controls as we head to a

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Daniel Bryan controls in the ring as we come back from break. He hits a variety of kicks on Kofi and the crowd “Yes”‘s along with him. AJ is shown watching the match backstage and looks concerned when Kofi is losing. Chinlock by Bryan. Kofi makes a comeback and hits some kicks and a flying body attack. Kofi controls, irish whip to the corner but Bryan reverses. Kofi reverses and goes up to the top rope, but Bryan follows and sets up for a superplex. Kofi fights back and knocks Bryan off with a headlock. Kofi comes off the top but Bryan dodges him, locks in the Yes Lock and gets the tapout.
Winner: Bryan

After the match, Bryan locks in the Yes Lock again as revenge for Kofi talking to AJ, and keeps it on until Sheamus comes out (to his music) and makes the save. Bryan flees but celebrates on the stage.

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Video recap of Santino/Brodus vs. Swagger/Ziggler angle from last week

The Funkasaurus Brodus Clay w/Funkasaurusettes vs. Dolph Zigger w/Vickie Guerrero & Jack Swagger
Long entrance for Clay, then Vickie comes out to EXCUSE ME and introduce Ziggler. Once Dolph gets into the ring, he’s squashed for about 30 seconds until a suited Jack Swagger interfers and causes a DQ.
Winner: Brodus Clay via DQ

After the match, Vickie Guerrero gets in the ring, and the Funkasaurusettes and Brodus clears them out and dances as his music plays.

Backstage John Laurinaitis gives David Otunga a pep talk as Eve approaches. They were supposed to have a one-on-one this week. Johnny goes into an office to meet with Eve.

Cole and Lawler introduce a video to honor Chief Jay Strongbow, who passed away last week. After the video, the arena crowd gives a round of applause.

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R Truth dressed like a wacky detective does another skit with Teddy Long, who concludes that Truth is a little off.

The Great Khali & The Big Show vs. Primo & Epico w/Rosa Mendes
Full entrances for Khali and Show separately. As the match begins, “AW” the former Abraham Washington comes onto the stage to scout. Khali control on offense in the start. Primo and Epico confer on the floor as an escape but Show grabs them and tosses them into the ring. Chops by Khali. Chokeslam and Punjabi Plunge on both Primo and Epico at once for the pins. I guess this is non title.
Winners: Show & Khali

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John Cena comes out to his music and full entrance. He stands and awaits his opponent and John Laurinaitis comes out to HIS music. On the stage he introduces Cena’s opponent… Lord Tensai. Wow.

John Cena vs. Lord Tensai
Match begins in the ring and Cena is in control. Brawling moves to the floor and Tensai takes control and hits some slow power moves. Cena backdrops out of a powerbomb attempt, then hits Tensai with the STEEEEEEEEL steps. Sakamoto with a cheap shot and Cena is down. Tensai in the ring. David Otunga comes from the time keeper’s area and grabs Cena and tosses him back into the ring. Tensai goes on offense and a long heat sequence on Cena. Short comeback by Cena is cut short, and Tensai hits a big splash for a 2 count. Locks in a side headlock, which Cena reverses into the STF. Otunga comes into the ring, Cena lets go of the hold and hits the AA on Otunga while pointing at Laurinaitis. Then Tensai uses GREEN MIST on Cena, hits the Baldo Bomb and PINS CENA. Wow again!
Winner: Lord Tensai

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