10 Thoughts On… South Park Episode 16-06: I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining

South Park has been on fire this season and this episode looks awesome, let’s get to it!

1. When the episode starts, it’s clear it’s an alternate-style of story. This time it will be a documentary style show called “I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining” starring the boys, which always allows for some extra insane antics.

2. While everyone else is having a good time on Spring Break, the boys realize they have spent the whole vacation watching TV and playing Xbox so they decide to try an adventure.

3. They go to a place called Backwater Adventures to do a zipline, but it ends up being unfun for them as it has safety videos, a tourgroup, and long bursts of travel. This seems to be the theme of the whole episode, with the boys just angered by the whole experience and it not living up to their expectations.

4. During a shuttle trip from the lodge to the first zipline stop, there is an older couple that tells a long story about how they got to zip lining. The man keeps saying “to make a long story short” during this super long story. finally as it ends, cartman grunts out “NONONONONONO” hilariously.

5. Kenny has a cold sore, and every time Cartman corrects him that it’s herpes and he has it for life. Apparently only women call it a cold sore, thinks Cartman. Of course at the end, he has one and calls it a cold sore.

6. There are medical updates showing various internal organs and processes going on inside the boys. At first it’s in Stan’s heart or Kyle’s brain, but eventually it is showing the stomach and such of Cartman, who is getting more and more sick. He drinks “Diet Double Dew” which is a Double Mountain Dew with half of the sugar and calories (ie the same as regular Dew).

7. The boys can’t take the ziplining anymore, so they find a local ranch and get some horses. However, the horses are ALSO part of a tour group and the show changes to “I Never Thought Horseback Riding Would Be Any Better Than Ziplining”

8. As they are horseback riding and hating it, Stan spots a boat and has the boys take it on. The episode changes to “I Should Have Never Gotten on A Goddamn Boat” and the boys are shown as human adults. Cartman is very fat and wears a cap, Kyle looks a bit like Andy Samberg, Stan is a pretty boy type and Kenny is a stoner type shown only in half hood. It’s certainly surreal to see the boys as humans, especially as adults, but they pull it off.

9. As adults, Kenny “dies of boredon” and Kyle and Cartman argue about who’s idea zipling was. Finally Stan confesses to thinking up the idea, because he got a free Ipod Nano for signing up three friends. In a confessional, Kyle asks “how many Ipod Nanos is a friendship worth. I guess one”.

10. At the end they do a “where are they now” montage, showing Kyle in the hospital and Kenny’s body being returned to his parents. Stan ends up making documentaries about the dangers of ziplining, that end up so popular that he once again ends up jackin’ it in San Diego. Awesome continuity.

Overall: This episode will definitely go down as one of the most memorable ever, for the first representation of the four boys as humans. The depictions were pretty hilarious and they didn’t shy away from racism or extreme grossness. Things are set up for a killer half-season finale next week.


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