Cougar Town Episode 3-8 Review ā€“ Meanie Mama

Dead mom high five!

I missed reviewing last week’s Cougar Town, so I’ll say really quickly that the episode wasn’t my favorite. I’m not a big Travis fan, so I wasn’t really into the storyline about him and his passion for photography. I mean, if you want to take photos at your mom’s wedding maybe you should show her some work that isn’t disgusting? Just a thought.

Luckily, I liked “Ways To Be Wicked” much more, so click through for my Five Favorite Things About Cougar Town This Week.

  1. Jules asking “Is she pretty?” after Ellie’s mom says her overuse of mascara makes her look like Alice Cooper. I enjoyed the main storyline this week that everyone thought Ellie’s mom was really nice, but she was actually a heartless bitch just like Ellie had been telling them. There was no real warm and fuzzy ending here – Ellie’s mom left with barely a goodbye, but we were reminded that Ellie has her own family in the cul-de-sac crew. Even if they can’t come up with nice things to say about her.
  2. Gayke. The revelation that Laurie bakes cakes was an interesting development, especially since the show so rarely acknowledges anyone’s jobs other than Grayson’s. Laurie doesn’t get paid much to work for Jules, but now she’ll be baking cakes for Grayson’s bar.
  3. “Why does this school have a cougar? Nothing here has anything to do with cougars.” So meta, so funny. My favorite part about the storyline of Travis stealing a statue was that they called on his grandfather for help.
  4. Civil Ware pose!
  5. Of course, I love that Grayson calls his daughter Jill instead of Tampa. Everyone should follow suit, Jill is a fantastic name.


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