The Voice 2012 – Quarterfinal Results Episode Review

It’s results time, Voice fans! Last night we saw Christina send Jesse Campbell home while Blake eliminated Jordis Unga. On Tuesday night one more person from each team was eliminated, so click through for a recap of the results!

Team Christina

There was some talk about how controversial Christina’s decision was last night, and it was clear that even though the other coaches respected her right to make her own decision, they didn’t necessarily understand it. I was surprised to see Jesse sent home, but I think Christina is trying to end up with people who will win and perhaps she thought Jesse wasn’t current or marketable enough.

The person on Christina’s team saved by America was Chris Mann. Interesting! He’s handsome and talented, so I’m not that surprised. That meant Lindsey and Ashley would sing, and I was really hoping Christina would save Ashley. Lindsey’s performance last night really wasn’t good.

Ashley de la Rosa – “You and I”

This was bad timing, since someone sang this Lady Gaga song on American Idol last week, and someone sang it very well on Idol last season. It wasn’t Ashley’s strongest performance, but I still really like her and I thought she got better as she went along.

Lindsey Pavao – “Please Don’t Go”

I didn’t know this song, and Lindsey’s performance just wasn’t really for me. I know some people like her a lot, and it’s very sweet that she was moved to tears, but I wasn’t drawn in by her performance. She’s an emotional singer, but I don’t think she’s as good as Ashley.

I was hoping Christina would save Ashley again, but I had a feeling she would choose Lindsey. Ashley already had to be saved once, and Lindsey has had iTunes sales, and her performance moved Christina to tears. Christina was obviously distraught over the decision, but in the end she did what I expected and saved Lindsey Pavao.

Team Blake

Over on Team Blake, the artist saved by America’s votes was Jermaine Paul. I wasn’t a huge fan of Jermaine’s performance on Monday night, but I think he’s talented so I’m glad to see he’s still in the competition. Knowing Erin and RaeLynn would sing, I was really hoping Blake would choose to keep Erin around. I can’t stand RaeLynn anymore.

Erin Willett – “Proud Mary”

Hmm. This is kind of an old-school choice, and I was worried it would make Erin seem too old-fashioned or hard to market. She had a lot of energy and sass on stage and I liked the performance, but to be honest it felt a little bit cruise shippy for me. A lot of that could be the song, but I thought Erin could have been better.

RaeLynn – “If I Die Young”

Contrasting that, I love the song RaeLynn performed but I still can’t stand her voice. It might be the least annoying she’s ever sounded, and it still made me cringe. The whole cutesy-accent-twang-drawl-nasal thing is just TOO MUCH. I can’t stand this kid.

My issues with RaeLynn aren’t anything new, and her voice obviously doesn’t bother Blake, so I was pretty sure he’d choose to save her. Blake had a really hard time choosing – I was worried they were going to run out of time before he gave an answer, actually – but in the end he chose to save Erin. Yay!

So what did you guys think? I feel OK about the results – I wish Ashley had gone through instead of Lindsey, but I suppose you can’t have it all.