The Culling Watch: Bob Harras, Ian Churchill, Howard Mackie, Etc Talk Ravagers & Teen Teams X-Over

During C2E2 this past weekend, there was a buzz at the DC Comics panels about the New 52 second wave titles including DC’s next teen team book, Ravagers, springing from the teen crisis crossover called the Culling in May 2012 flowing from Teen Titans Annual #1 and the #9 issues of Teen Titans, Superboy and Legion Lost.

DC Comics Editor in Chief Bob Harras addressed the head shaking over the very different debut of Beast Boy last week in the pages of Superboy and his role as a lead in the Ravagers (as seen on the Ravagers #1 cover released – see right). Interestingly, no words on the “other” Ravager lead who also made their debut last week. 😉

    The final Second Wave title, “The Ravagers” will be spinning out of the events of “Teen Titans.” “Some of the characters you might recognize,” said Harras, mentioning Caitlin Fairchild and Beast Boy by name, but emphasizing there was a reason the traditionally green hero is now red.

Artist Ian Churchill, penciller of Ravagers, talked about his the new series and its vibe stemming out of The Culling. Also, check out the black and white interior pencils for Ravagers #1 to the immediate lower left.

    RAVAGERS spills out of the ‘Culling’ event and hits the ground running – quite literally! These characters aren’t quite superheroes and they’re not quite supervillians either. In fact, they’re very difficult to pigeonhole. If you crossed LOGAN’S RUN with THE TERMINATOR, you may have an idea of the tone and vibe of the book. [Writer] Howard Mackie has lots of twists and turns planned for the fugitives that’ll keep everyone guessing, and might well take your breath away!

Writer Howard Mackie, writer of Ravagers, shared his memories of the beginnings of DC’s teen crisis The Culling.

    …a group of teens that are snatched from their real lives, tortured and experimented on, forced to fight every day for food, water, and shelter — Periodically the kids are all thrown into this huge pit, and have to use their Metahuman powers to fight to the death… to thin the heard… it’s called THE CULLING.

Superboy editor Chris Conroy also had some information on a Wildstorm alumni‘s debut during The Culling on DC Comic’s blog.

    …Harvest, the driving force behind N.O.W.H.E.R.E., always intended for his home-grown Kryptonian clone to be a savage, unstoppable force of nature — and that it took a serious beating from one of the nastiest psychos Superboy’s met yet to bring that out of him. Well, in ‘The Culling,’ he’s put Superboy, the Titans, and the Legion Lost up against a veritable army of bloodthirsty killers — and there aren’t many more frightening than SUPERBOY #9 cover star Warblade. The man’s basically made of knives! And Superboy’s got to square off with him in a pit of molten lava.

Legion Lost editor Brian Cunningham shared some info on The Culling on DC Comic’s blog.

    In “The Culling,” the Titans and the Lost Legionnaires learn that they each have something in common, and that something is a new heavyweight villain named Harvest. Harvest has invested considerable time and effort into corralling both the Titans and these Legionnaires together. Turns out, Harvest somehow knew these Legionnaires would be coming back in time to 2012 and factored them into his über-plan in a huge way.

Lastly, check out the Teen Titans Annual #1 cover, that kicks off The Culling in May, by Brett Booth on the left.


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