DC Comics Launches National Comics Ongoing Series In July 2012 – New 52 Or New 53 Now?

Interesting news came out recently. Turns out DC Comics will be launching a new ongoing series firmly set in the New 52 continuity. However, we haven’t been advised as to what book, if any, it will replace to keep the New 52 at 52 as opposed to morphing into the New 53.

Yes, 52 is a bit arbitrary as a number of ongoing series, but DC has had good fortune with that number and now with the branding of the DC Comics Relaunch. Clearly, it’s not necessary for DC to cancel another title for it launch an ongoing National Comics series, but with titles in DC’s “bottom 10” selling books, perhaps there are some cancellations coming?

That said, below is the good news regarding a new onging DC series. I’ve added links to the DC Wikia site on each of the named characters so you can familiarize yourself with the pre-Flashpoint incarnations if you choose to.

The news…

    This July, DC Comics will be launching a new stand-alone series, entitled National Comics. National Comics will tell done-in-one stories, exploring some of The New 52′s characters that, while interesting, don’t currently have an outlet for their tales. The first four in the spotlight will be Eternity, Madame X, Rose and Thorn, and Looker. Each of these will have one issue to introduce the reader to their little corner of the universe, with the hopes of building from there.

    The first issue, written by Jeff Lemire with art by Cully Hamner will center around Eternity. This is the story of police coroner Christopher Freeman. After being given a second chance on life, he finds himself with the ability to resurrect the dead. Freeman uses his new ability to help those he resurrects to find their murderers and to gain closure, so they can continue to the other side.

How similar will these New 52 characters be to their pre-Flashpoint incarnations? We’ll soon see.

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