Harrak’s Quick Quips: Raw 4.23.12 (John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Edge)

– Oh boy, can’t wait for this utterly pointless 3-hour Raw!

– If I start missing segments, it’s cause I’m coming down with something and I just passed out.

– What the hell?! Nice Edge surprise.

– Damn I miss Edge & his passion.

– I like the “outsider” approach they are taking with Brock Lesnar. It’s what I believe they would have done with The Rock if he was coming in as a heel.

– Any other week, this match would have been long over. Perfect example of WWE being contractly obligated to produce a 3-hour show.

– Gotta love it when Jericho gets in the ring with guys who are flexible enough to take a REAL Liontamer.

– I’m hoping this show picks up at 9 because right now I’m struggling.

– Hey, at least I get to see Truth crushed here!

– I feel like Tensai matches are just heel versions of Brodius Clay matches.

– And now a Kane interview? I don’t know how much more I can take of this show.

– Anyone else miss CM Punk calling Randy Orton “Randall”?

– Well it’s a good thing Paul Bearer is in a freezer because I’m pretty sure Edge killed him 2 years ago.

– Uh, Kane just missed the exit and ran right into the last row of seats of the arena. That’s going to be awkward walking back down the stairs.

– Set-up from a mile away but I like that Punk is finally playing mind games too.

– Someone PLEASE just kill off Khali. Feel like he should be headed for the glue factory by now.

– I thought this program between Big Show and Cody Rhodes was supposed to get Rhodes more over…

– I bet Brock wishes he could have done that to some of the media he encountered while in the UFC.

– I KNEW IT! I knew Eve Torres was going to become in charge of the Divas. See, WWE DOES watch Impact.

– Sooooo, have the Bellas resigned? I could see them dropping the belt to Kelly Kelly on SmackDown if they haven’t.

– This is going to be awesome.

– I can’t recite the damn alphabet backwards sober and reading it off a chart!

– Awesome segment for both men.

– Did Jerry Lawler just say “Jericho better get his sparkly ass out of here!”? Best line of the night.

– Love having a Sheamus appearance but again Mark Henry again? Cody Rhodes would make a much better match.

– I think Daniel Bryan is smaller than some of the current referees.

– “We still have 30 minutes to fill?! Eh, send out the comedy guys.”

– Remember when Dolph Ziggler was challenging for the World title and Jack Swagger WAS a World champion? I know they are right now and are dying a little inside.

– Well that kick didn’t connect at all.

– First Chavo and now Vickie… Hornswoggle is really getting around the Guerrero family.

– Oh God, Brock needs a script… laid out in front of him… and forced to read it word for word.

– If the WWE didn’t like John Cena being referred to as “Super Cena”, why do they keep bringing in a new evil villain to face him every few months?

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