Alistair Overeem’s Licensing Status Revealed During Meeting with NSAC – Live Coverage

Interesting news and notes coming out of Overeem’s licensing hearing this morning with the Nevada State Athletic Commission. We’re following it live so refresh to see what’s happening.

— Overeem initially tried to skip out on the post press conference random urine test. “Overeem speeded out of the building” before taking the drug test. They had to “get his ass” back per Keith Kizer (quote from Ariel Helwani’s Twitter Feed)

— Overeem’s lawyer David Chesnoff advises that Overeem was trying to avoid being served legal papers in public. That’s why he bailed random test. Also asked for 45-60 day continuance

— Chesnoff also advise that anti-inflammatory that Overeem took had testosterone in it. Took to heal injured rib.

— Chesnoff advised that first hurt his rib against Werdum, fractured it after the fight and again before faving Brock Lesnar.

— Commission to Chesnoff in regards to continuance: “What do you need that we don’t have today?”

— Nothing from the man himself during the first part; Overeem was more than willing to let his attorney speak for him.

— Overeem’s doctor who prescribed him anti-inflammatory turns out to be Dr. Hector Molina, who was fined $25,000 for prescribing controlled substances, et al, over the internet.

— Overeem spoke, declaring his intention to fight this fall and willingness to come before NSAC again. Also won’t be applying for a license in another state in the meantime.

— Continuance seems to be about wanting to gather more “scientific” evidence at this juncture.

— NSAC voted against the continuance after declaring it very rare to get one. Overeem’s legal team argued that he withdrew from UFC 146 voluntarily and hasn’t fought since December. Also explained injury history, again. The argument seems to be that Overeem has been fighting hurt for over a year and only started with this “mixture” after Lesnar fight.

— NSAC grilled him on the contents of the vial he was injected with. Overeem said he took the shot on 1/12 in Dallas, TX. The Doctor who shot him up said there wasn’t any in Testosterone in it. Handed over the vial directly to the commission as he brought it with him and read off the contents.

— Overeem trying to avoid legal papers is fallout from his leaving Golden Glory; didn’t want to make a scene there. Was informed that leaving the scene would constitute a positive test in their eyes and thus went to take test.

— Curious name came up: Tra Telligman. Yeah, that Tra Telligman. Apparently referred him to Doctor in question. Didn’t do any invesitgation on his own, apparently got a same day appointment. Ovreeem didn’t ask any questions as Dutch doctors can’t inject patients with substances on WADA banned list.

— Overeem apparently isn’t all that upset about his Doctor injecting him with something that’d cause him to fail a drug test, though. Unsure if he’ll file a complaint. Shot himself up second time in shoulder; has had problems whole life with shoulder.

— Apparently Dr. Molina has worked for the Texas Athletic Commission. And has no idea pro fighters need to get drug tested. Wow.

— It gets better. He did not consider the amount of testosterone he injected to be performance enhancing.

— He also apparently didn’t tell Overeem that there was testosterone in said injection. Wasn’t enough to give him an anabolic edge, apparently, despite urine test saying otherwise. Used it to promote healing because Overeem couldn’t take time off.

— He also doesn’t know the names of what he’s injecting, specifically. “Something like that.”

— There’s a discrepancy between what he told Overeem he gave him and what his records show.

— And Overeem admits not asking the good Doctor to make sure nothing illegal was in his shot.

— And now Dr. Molina seems to be a bit confused and is trying to make a bunch of what appear to be lies turn into the truth.

— Hat tip to Jordan Breen of Sherdog. Here’s Doctor Molina’s mug shot:

— Oh boy, this is getting good. Now he says he may have told Overeem what was in the mix he gave … but he does not recall if he did.

— Apparently the good doctor loves helping men in other areas, too. Here he is as part of an erectile dysfunction clinic. He’s peddling TRT, too. Apparently Overeem’s case is that he picked the worst doctor, ever, and ought not be held liable.

— The UFC is now up front and advising NSAC that they didn’t tip off Overeem before the test.

— And even more information on this doctor. I think anyone based out of Texas covering this sport has a new story: How does this guy get to treat athletes or even people in general?

— NSAC taking a break.

— We’re back and now David Chesnoff is making a statement. Wants a shorter sentence than the usual, it looks like. Almost like he’s admitting that he’s about to get hammered and hammered hard.

— Conditional license is also being bandied about. The argument is also “has no reason” to use PEDs, etc. It’s an odd one considering it seems like Overeem went to a doctor that prescribe TRT for a hang nail.

— Overeem’s lawyer with an epic defense: He’s a special person who gave up a big fight voluntarily because of his respect for the process.

— Here’s a picture of the vial in question used on Alistair:

— Overeem is throwing himself on the sword here, discussing how he gave everything up because he wanted the process to be credible. Will get back on the “horse” once he’s cleared. Considering he eats horse meat I’m not exactly 100% sure getting back on the horse is what he wants to do.

— And it looks like Overeem isn’t going to be licensed. Commissioner Lundvall won’t support a license and is recommending a nine month delay before he can reapply dated from March 27th.

— The nine month suspension is an interesting one to debate; mainly it’s saying “yeah you did wrong” but it wasn’t directly before or after a fight.

— It’s official: Overeem has been denied a license.

— The discussion is now on how long Overeem will have to wait before reapplication can begin. The big key is to make sure he doesn’t fight again.

— It’s official: Overeem can reapply in nine months, backdated to March 27th. He’s effectively suspended, motion passed unanimously.

— There’s plenty more to talk about this subject. Join us at 6pm EST, 3pm PST, to talk about this on MMA 24.7 with myself, Will Cooling and Shawn M Smith.

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