The Amazing Race – Episode 20-9 Review – “Thank You India”

This week on The Amazing Race teams left Tanzania and headed to India. Unfortunately, the leg started off on a rough note for Mark and Bopper. Bopper had hurt his leg and had to see a medic, luckily, he was OK to continue on the race while wearing a brace.

Unluckily, that wasn’t the last of Mark and Bopper’s problems.


Jai Ho Down

All the teams ended up arriving in India at roughly the same time and took buses to Sacred Heart College where they were met with the Roadblock. Time for a Bollywood dance recital! It’s only a real Bollywood dance number if a guy randomly ends up on top of a mountain holding a goat. Always. It’s awesome.

One team member would have to learn a Bollywood dance routine. Rachel, J.J., Big Brother Rachel, Vanessa and Mark were the lucky participants. Poor Mark and Bopper ended up on the last bus to the Roadblock, so their first place finish last let gave them to advantage. And, of course, Mark puked on the bus. So it was all around not their day, and the day had barely started.

J.J. was the first to make an attempt and he quickly bombed. Yeah yeah, it’s harder for the dudes, but he also just wasn’t ready. Blond Rachel went next and did a fantastic job – she got the clue and she and Dave were on their way to an Indian coffeehouse. Vanessa and BB Rachel both messed up on their first tries.

Someone’s coming down with a case of crybabyitis!

Rachel started getting upset when she didn’t get it on her second attempt, but Brendon revealed himself as The Living Worst when he said “It’s good to have a girl on your team because they can do things like this, but then it’s bad because they can get emotional.” Wow, stereotype much? Jackass.

Vanessa finished the dance on her third try, putting her and Ralph in second place while Rachel got it on her fourth attempt. That just left the two all-dude teams. J.J. finally got it on his fourth try, and I was getting worried about Mark’s health in the hot India climate. He came so close on his third try, but still made a mistake. When he didn’t get it on his seventh attempt and Bopper started getting really worried and wanted to take the penalty, I felt so bad. I know these guys need the money, so it was heartbreaking to watch Bopper put his friend’s well-being ahead of that.

*cricket cricket*

The Detour was Cricket, in which teams had to play the popular Indian sport, or Clutch It, in which teams had to learn to drive a rickshaw.

You can laugh, but your husband is still a jerk.

Rachel and Dave went for Clutch It, but they struggled with it. Based on the traffic in India you’d think none of the drivers were trained, but the course was rather difficult. They eventually both made it through, but I could have done without hearing Dave say “Listen to your frickin’ husband!” as though he was the reason Rachel finally made it through the course. Sigh. They headed to the pit stop and scored yet another first place finish.

Vanessa and Ralph also went for Clutch It, while Brendon and Rachel and Art and J.J. chose Cricket.

Art and J.J. couldn’t have been more obnoxious during the cricket challenge, yelling about curveballs and being in people’s heads. WTF? I don’t think they’re *trying* to confuse you, dudes. As J.J. pumped Art up by saying “There’s no way Rachel will ever do this”, I was actually kind of happy to see Rachel hit it before Art did. I hate Rachel, but I hate sexism more. Both teams ended up finishing the cricket challenge before Ralph and Vanessa completed the rickshaw course, but it was close. And, sadly, Mark and Bopper were still back at the Bollywood dancing.

Dance For Your Life

All the teams were on their way to the Pit Stop, and Bopper had just failed on his 11th attempt at doing the dance. It was so, so sad. He didn’t want to quit, but Bopper was worried he had heat stroke.

Brendon and Rachel arrived in second place, followed by Art and J.J. in third and Vanessa and Ralph in fourth.

Eventually, poor Mark made the tough choice to quit the Roadblock and take the penalty. But after taking a breather, he decided to give it another go. Watching Bopper stage mom the moves from the sidelines was possibly the most delightful thing I’ve ever seen on this show. And he got it! It was the twelfth try, but dangnabbit he got it! I know, I know, he didn’t really do it perfectly and they likely just gave it to him. But still, I was so proud, even though we all knew already that they’d be eliminated.

Except then they weren’t. I guess I should have seen the non-elimination leg coming, but I was distracted by being so heartwarmed and stuff. Once they got all tearful on the pit stop mat and Phil still hadn’t said the words, I knew it. Normally I’d be pissed since I hate non-elimination legs, but whatevs. I love these guys, I want them to win even though I know it’s a long shot, and I’m glad they’re still in it.

So, what did you guys think of the episode? I thought it was one of the stronger ones this season, because I liked the challenges, the location, and I’m glad my favorite team wasn’t eliminated. Next week it looks like Rachel might have to shave off those red locks for a Fast Forward – and she’s more concerned about her $500 extensions than the actual idea of being BALD. Do you think she’ll do it? If that’s the challenge, I’m not sure she will.


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