10 Thoughts On… South Park Episode 16-07: They Were Meant For Each Other

The last new episode for a while, and it seems pretty racist. Let’s see how it is!

1. A new girl has moved to town – Nicole – and Butters tells the others excitedly. When they go to check her out, and she’s black, Cartman just assumes she is meant for Token. Starts off racist and just goes full bore into it all episode long.

2. Cartman goes on a quest to put them together. He overhears at a slumber party that Nicole actually likes Kyle, so Cartman tells Nicole that he and Kyle are together, but he’s more “out” than Kyle. Eventually Kyle finds out that Cartman spread rumors that he was gay and attacks Cartman.

3. Throughout the episode, Cartman sees a fat flying cupid version of himself that he calls “Cupid Me”. He talks to Cupid Me, and goes to Cupid Me for guidance on how to put Nicole and Token together.

4. Cartman decides to lock them together in the gym, and pre-loads with refreshments including, of course, grape soda. It was almost racism just for the point of doing some racist stuff, it never really came together other than racist jokes.

5. In the playground, Cartman points out that the Hispanic girl and boy are a couple, but it’s noted that they also were locked in a gym overnight. He and Cupid Me agreed that was also a great move, and Kyle catches Cartman talking to Cupid Me.

6. At dinner with her parents, Nicole tells them about dating Token. Her dad, however, is upset that out of all the boys in the town she would choose the black boy, noting that the moved to a totally new town and encouraging her to date a white boy.

7. On one of the gifts that Cartman leaves for Nicole on Token’s behalf, the collar says that “blacks belong together” and this upsets her and she breaks up with Token. Kyle checks with Token to see if it’s cool if he asks out Nicole, but due to Cartman’s rumor, Token thinks Kyle is trying to hit on him instead. Ha.

8. On a date at the Denver Nuggets vs. LA Clippers game, Cartman goes on the Big Screen to declare his love for Kyle. Then he once again clears out the gym by claiming the BatMobile was outside, and the entire arena went to check it out, including all the players on the court.

9. There is a fund raiser for “halitosis kids” during the Nuggets game, and a truly ghastly looking fat girl with rotten teeth comes out. She goes for a shot but just drops the ball. Disgusting and hilarious.

10. Cupid Me returns at the end with Cartman happy at putting Token and they appear to exit together. However, Cupid Me then shoots love arrows at the Halitosis girl and she falls in love with Cartman, chasing after him as the episode ends.

Overall: A pretty strange episode that had a bunch of funny moments and some typical over-the-top South Park racism. There was more of the insanity of this season with the ghost-like Cupid Me character that Cartman interacts with and ultimately gives him a come-upence. We’ll see you for the second half of season 16 later this year!


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