Former WWE Diva’s Champion Addresses “Injury” & Plans For The Title

Former Divas champion Beth Phoenix commented on her ankle injury and Divas Title loss Tuesday morning on the way home. “Thank you to everyone that helped me thru the airport this morning. Will keep every posted on MRI and xray results,” Phoenix said before playing up the TV story of her title loss. “Believe me…nothing hurts worse than my heart right now after the loss and even worse thought of missing competition. But i have been bere before, and if there is one thing Beth Phoenix knows how to do, it’s rise from the ashes. The title will be mine again. #unbreakable.”

It is being reported that the “injury” Beth Phoenix suffered on RAW is apart of a storyline to explain why she would lose the Divas title to Nikki Bella. According to reports, Beth sold the worked injury so well that those backstage not aware of her creative plans thought she legitimately was hurt. She apparently sold the injury at the hotel and the airport in front of fans.

The title change to Nikki Bella is expected to set up a return by Kharma.

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Source: PWInsider