The Voice – Quarterfinals Results Review – Team Adam vs. Team Cee Lo

Ready to hear about the latest results on The Voice for Team Adam and Team Cee Lo? OK! Click through for a review of the episode.


The best way to watch these things is on DVR – all the extra performances and chatter, I really couldn’t care less. I just want to see performances from the contestants on the show, and I want to know who’s been eliminated.

We began with Team Adam and the news that Tony Lucca had been saved by America. Good! I’m glad the Britney risk paid off for him, since it was probably his best performance to date. Next we found out that America’s votes had put Jamar Rogers on Team Cee Lo. This was a little surprising since Juliet is so great and I thought her performance was better than Jamar’s last night, but Jamar has that touching personal story.

Team Adam – Mathai – “Cowboy Casanova”

What? Really? This was the absolutely wrong song choice for Mathai. Carrie Underwood is a powerhouse country singer, and Mathai is the complete opposite of that. She drowned in this song. Even her movements on stage were wrong, the whole thing did nothing to display anything that’s endearing about Mathai. Why would anyone allow this to happen?

Team Adam – Katrina Parker – “Perfect”

On the other hand, this song was a great choice for Katrina. I don’t think Katrina is a contender to win this season of The Voice, but she certainly sang better than Mathai tonight. The choice seemed easy for Adam.

I skipped through most of the other coaches’ comments (yawn, right?), but it seemed like they were in favor of Katrina. I think Adam struggled with the decision because it wasn’t the one he expected to make – Mathai disappointed and Katrina surprised – but eventually he decided to put Katrina Park through to the semi-finals.

Team Cee Lo – Cheesa – “Already Gone”

I like this Kelly Clarkson song, and Cheesa did a lovely job with it. But I mean, did anyone expect Cee Lo to choose her over Juliet? If I wasn’t excited to hear an extra Juliet Simms performance, I’d think the rest of the episode was a waste of time. I stand by my original comments that Cheesa just doesn’t have a big enough range to do the kind of music she wants to do.

Team Cee Lo – Juliet Simms – “Torn”

This was a cool choice for Juliet, since it’s much softer and poppier (shut up, I’m making it a word) than what we’ve seen her do before. It’s also a song that I’m not sure I’ve ever really seen covered on one of these shows, and I like that. Juliet’s voice is so different from Natalie Imbruglia’s that it felt like her own song.

The choice here was so obvious, and after a bunch of rambling Cee Lo announced that Juliet Simms would be advancing. Good! I hope she wins.

What did you guys think of the results? Did anything surprise you?


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