Wednesday Comments – On The Horizon: The Massive, Earth Two, Dial H, Dancer and Harbinger

One of the cool things about comic books is that every week there’s guaranteed to be something new to read. And of course it seems like every month there’s a new comic launching that’s a) by a creator whose work you enjoy b) featuring a character you like or c) just looks interesting.

So this week I figured I’d look at some books that are coming up soon that have piqued my interest. They’re all launching within the next few months, or in a couple cases, in the next couple weeks.

The Massive – I can’t pretend that I’m the biggest Brian Wood fan out there. I’m a lapsed DMZ reader and I only got into Demo with the second volume. I never even tried out Northlanders. But based on what I’ve read from the guy, he knows how to build worlds. I enjoyed what I’ve read of DMZ and Previews says that The Massive is the perfect follow-up to DMZ. I’m going to give this book a shot.

I am a fan of Kristian Donaldson’s art. The work he did on 99 Days was awesome, so I’m eager to see how his stuff look with colors. And The Massive will be my first Dark Horse book, so it should be an exciting affair all the way around.

Earth Two – If it’s a new #1 from DC, chances are I’m going to give it a shot. But what makes Earth Two special is really that it’s a new James Robinson title and it’s drawn by Nicola Scott.

First and foremost it’s James Robinson getting a chance to build a world and put his spin on characters that we all know and love. His The Golden Age was amazing and for the most part he was sticking to the parameters of the established DCU, so seeing what he does with free reign is very enticing.

Nicola Scott’s return to the world of monthly titles is also a plus. I enjoyed her work on Wonder Woman and Secret Six in the pre-Flashpoint DCU. Her issues on the current Superman book were equally entertaining. So seeing her draw new versions of familiar faces is going to be a blast.

And the premise is so awesome! I’ve always loved parallel universes, but I really love them when they relate to the DCU. And there’s the hint that we’ll get to see some familiar JSA faces in this new book. Earth Two satisfies all of the things I look for in a new book.

Dial H – Again, it’s a new DC #1, so I’m giving it a shot. But I’m looking forward to this title because I was a huge fan of H*E*R*O, the previous attempt to give the “Dial H for Hero” concept a monthly title. Like, I loved that book. Will Pfeifer’s take on the concept was easily one of my favorite books of the last ten years.

I know absolutely nothing about the creators involved in this book. China Mieville and Mateus Santolouco are complete ciphers to me. But I’m liking that the book falls under “The Dark” banner. It gives me hope that this book will explore corners of the current DCU that are untouched.

I’m also intrigued by the concept. I wonder if the H Dial will be passed from character to character like it was in H*E*R*O or will it feature a lead for the whole run? This book can’t get here fast enough. I’m honestly so looking forward to Dial H that I’m afraid that the book will disappoint when it’s in my hands.

Dancer – This book has two things going for it; Nathan Edmondson and Nic Klein. Nathan Edomondson popped up on my radar with Olympus and made me a fan with Who Is Jake Ellis? The former was interesting while the latter was riveting and addictive. His work on the Grifter relaunch was strong enough that I’m disappointed to have Rob Liefeld jumping aboard.

Nic Klein blew me away with Viking (another of my favorite books in recent history.) His brief run on First Wave’s Doc Savage was tolerable, but really just made me long for his return to Viking. Hopefully Dancer will satiate me.

Harbinger – A ton of people whose taste in comics I respect rave about the Valiant books of the 90’s. When I heard that the properties were getting the relaunch treatment I figured that I’d consider thinking about giving it a shot.

But when I saw that Joshua Dysart was going to be writing Harbinger, I knew I’d be there for at least that title. Dysart was the writer for the very missed Unknown Soldier, which was usually atop of my favorite reads for any given month. I loved how he approached the harsh realities of war torn Africa and how he never sugarcoated things. Unknown Soldier informed as much as it entertained.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Dysart does with a superhero concept.

Earth Two. The Massive. Dial H. Dancer. Harbinger. Five books that haven’t hit the shelves yet, but I can’t wait to have them in my hands. And that looking forward, is one of my favorite things about being a comic fan.

It’s Wednesday go out and get some new comics. Get them quick, while they’re still fresh and hot.

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