The Stomping Ground: What’s Next for the WWE Title Scene? (Punk, Jericho, Lesnar)

I’m Mike, and this is The Stomping Ground.

How’s that for a simple intro? I mean, I could have gone all flashy and done something obnoxious, but that’s just not my style.

Pffft. Right (insert eye roll).

Here I sit at my computer on a Wednesday night, with an idea in my head for the latest column, and THIS jabroni up and invades my cranial cavity and steals it right out of my brain! He even managed to turn me into a newt (I got better)! Honestly, the nerve of some people…typing up a column 24 hours before I do with no prior knowledge of what I plan to write and then stealing my thunder.

Life goes on.

With that out of the way, I started thinking about something I touched upon two weeks ago concerning Brock Lesnar, which was what the company plans on doing with him after he faces John Cena. A lot of folks in the IWC got pretty vocal about whether putting Lesnar up against CM Punk would be a viable option, given the size discrepancy between the two, but honestly….it’s not like that hasn’t been done before. Look at Daniel Bryan and Sheamus, an angle playing out right in front of us. I don’t often jump to conclusions, but I think I can safely say the company could easily put Punk up against Lesnar and he’d be able to hold his own reasonably well. Of course, when I say “he” I’m referring to Brock, whose mic skills could use a spit polish.

If you’re one of the few clever enough to read the title of this here blog, you’d notice I threw a question out there. What does the future hold for the WWE Championship? Depending on the reception Brock’s return match gets (and the Extreme Rules buy rate), one could assume the next logical step is to have Lesnar face Punk. I’m not sure the company is ready to go that route, and here’s why: Summerslam. Yes, that glorious August “Wrestlemania Lite” the company holds so dear. Personally, I’d wait a couple of months before letting Lesnar and Punk face off, especially since the WWE could easily remind everyone that Summerslam is where Lesnar hit the stratosphere after besting The Rock so many years ago.

In the meantime, I’d like to see Chris Jericho get one more run with the WWE Championship. Think about it: despite having numerous World Heavyweight Championship reigns, Jericho never held the WWE Championship. Well, technically he did when he unified it with the WCW Championship, but that doesn’t really count; if it does, that reign was over a decade ago. I say get the belt off CM Punk this Sunday at Extreme Rules and let him chase for a bit. As long as the storyline strays from this alcoholic stupidity, I can stand a third Y2J/Punk encounter.

Besides, a Chris Jericho title reign is always a good decision.

Sorry for the short length of the column this week but, you know. Chris Sanders is a jerk and all that jazz.

I’d like to end things by asking you all to throw in your ideas about where the WWE title is heading after Extreme Rules, but every time I do something like that I barely get any responses. This time, I WON’T ask for your opinions and hopefully reverse psychology will work its magic.

So remember, DON’T YOU DARE respond to this post.

That’ll show ’em.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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