Community Episode 3-17 Review – “Law and Order and Hilarity”

These men are not police.

I don’t want Law and Order, or Law and Order: Even Grosser Stories That Before, or any of the other spinoff shows – but it’s such a staple in the pop culture world that I can totally appreciate a good spoof. And what Community did last night? Well that was the best.

“Basic Lupine Urology” was, to me, Community at its best – both hilarious and insanely creative. Sometimes when Community does theme episodes like this, the result can be very entertaining but not exactly laugh-out-loud funny. But sometimes they knock one out of the park, and that happened this week.

The crime? The study group’s biology project, a yam, was destroyed in the lab. What would have likely been an A+ project would be arbitrarily graded with a C by Omar guest star Michael K. Willliams unless the group could offer up hard evidence that the project had been sabotaged.

Pierce and Britta were mostly absent in this episode, although there was a hilarious moment when a scene cut off when Britta began to offer up her expertise as a psych major.

Troy and Abed were paired together, brilliantly, as non-cops. Jeff (of course) and Annie took over the lawyer roles, and Shirley acted as the police chief (only they’re not police and have no power). I’m sure if you’re familiar with Law and Order there are more specific character connections to make, but even for someone who doesn’t watch the show I think the general roles they took on were clear. There are so many tropes that come with those kinds of procedural crime shows, and I loved how much fun Community had with those.

Just when Annie thought she had nailed Todd as the perpetrator in a classroom courtroom, Jeff flipped everything on its head and figured out how in fact, all the yams had been tampered with – the reason Todd dropped their yam was because the jar was hot, the reason is smushed when it hit the floor was because it had been boiled, and the reason the yams had been boiled was because Neil was trying to ruin all the projects since his girlfriend’s hadn’t worked out. Ah ha!

The end tag, which featured Troy and Abed sleeping in bunk beds in the study room, was hilarious – I loved the dean bringing them warm milk. But has Starburns really died? That was such a surprising thing to throw in at the last minute!

Honestly, the episode was so hilarious that there’s no way I could list all the little moments or quotes that I loved. It’s an episode that I could easily watch again and notice new things that make me laugh. But here’s a couple things, and head to the comments to mention your favorites.

  • Jeff: “If it’s any consolation, she got me here on a very misleading text message.”
    Annie: “Technically, you are about to be screwed in the biology room.”
  • “A ‘C’? Why don’t I just get pregnant at a bus station?” – Annie
  • “Sorry about my partner. He’s been on my edge ever since we switched.” – Troy
  • “Clean up on aisle busted.” – Troy
  • “We named the yam ‘Pam’. It rhymed.” – Abed
  • Starburns trying to get a girl to kiss him with “I’ll explain later!” was pretty awesome.
  • Pierce: “I fell asleep in a sun beam.”
    Abed: “Likely story.”
    Troy: “Actually it is. I used to live with him. It’s sort of adorable.”
  • A man’s got to have a code! Or for us women, a codette.