Grey’s Anatomy Episode 8-21 Review – “Testing, Testing”

I love how these most recent episodes of Grey’s Anatomy have focused a lot on the residents facing their boards, the most important exams they’ll ever take. Last night’s episode, “Moment of Truth” had a lot of moments and developments that I loved – and one that I thought kind of came out of left field.

So, I’m actually going to start with something we saw in the scenes from next week’s episode – Avery’s mom Catherine telling Webber that one of his Seattle Grace doctors didn’t pass the boards. Now, does she mean Karev? He didn’t show up, so the obvious choice would be him. But April and Meredith weren’t exactly in fine form either, and Cristina didn’t study nearly as much as the others. In fact, the only person who seems truly safe is Jackson Avery.

Meredith caught a stomach flu from Zola, which is not the state you want to be in for major oral exams. But it led to a very sweet moment with her and Cristina, where they talked about Owen’s infidelity and Cristina’s future on either side of the hotel suite adjoining door. It seems so likely that Cristina will leave when the season is over, do you guys think Sandra Oh is done on the show?

April and Jackson had a much crazier night – first April got into a HILARIOUS bar fight with a jerk whose job she’d possibly gotten, and then she slept with Avery. I was so excited! I’ve been wanting those two to hook up forever, and I really thought it was going to be the beginning of a great relationship. But then Grey’s through us a curveball.

I’d always assumed April was a virgin because she was waiting for the right person. Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly, but I think that’s what we were led to believe. But the morning after April was a total wreck, telling Avery that she was a virgin because she loves Jesus and now Jesus hates her. Um…what???

For me, this felt very out of character for April. Maybe it didn’t for you guys, but April just doesn’t strike me as uber-religious. I felt like this was a ploy, just to create drama and put April in a vulnerable position right before her boards. I wish they hadn’t done it.

And yes, Karev didn’t make it to his boards. He was there, but flew back to Seattle because of little baby Tommy’s fragile condition. I know this makes me a horrible person, but the tiny tiny fake baby totally freaks me out. Anyway, this storyline is not my favorite – Karev has such a history of caring for crazy women, I didn’t really want to see him do it again with Intern Morgan. It felt done, so I’m kind of glad the story seems over now. Sadly, Tommy died. And instead of staying to comfort Morgan, Karev took Arizona’s advice and tried to get back to San Francisco for the boards. Unfortunately, it didn’t look like he made it in time.

I suppose it is possible Avery could have failed the boards since right before he discovered some, er, potentially upsetting news, but I don’t think it’s at all likely – if only because his mother would be far more upset if the Seattle Grace doc that failed was her precious son. Anyway, what Jackson discovered? That his mom and Webber had slept together! I thought I’d hate this, but things are just so sad with Richard and Adele. She doesn’t know him anymore, she thinks she’s in love with another man. I can’t imagine dealing with that, and I don’t think it’s possible to fault Webber for seeking companionship elsewhere.

Because I was so interested in our favorite docs facing the boards, I was much less interested in what was going on back in Seattle. There was some disagreement in an OR, that eventually led to Bailey making Teddy realize that she was treating Owen unfairly. And there was some stuff with Lexie and her unrequited feelings for Sloane. That either needs to happen or go away – I’m over it.

So, what did you guys think of the episode? Did the April thing take you by surprise? Do you think Catherine is referring to Karev as the person who failed, or does he show up in time? Who’s next likeliest to have flunked – April? Cristina?