Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE Extreme Rules 2012 (John Cena, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus)

(Ed. Note: This was the coverage I provided last night live during the PPV on the official Pulse Wrestling Twitter account, @pulsewrestling. Be sure to follow us every PPV for the same coverage and analysis.)

– Because the WWE just has TOO MUCH QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT to fill a 3 hour slot, now we get to get ready for the Pre-Show!

– I just realized how not special Brock Lesnar’s return to a @WWE ring feels.

– Uh, Miz… this is the ONLY “pre-show” in WWE history.

– That is a HUGE entrance! What the hell is coming out of there tonight?!

– I’m having flashbacks of the WWF Free For Alls of the mid-90s.

– Despite what anyone says, Miz really does seem to be in the doghouse.

– Am I the only one who thinks it would be easy to put Big Show through a table since he’s so heavy?

– If you haven’t seen the poster for this year’s No Way Out, check it out on our site. Incredibly different but good.

– If Brock could get by only cutting pretaped promos, he could be the greatest heel ever.

– Randy Orton’s been opening a lot of PPVs lately.

– If they are already in the crowd, it makes me excited for what Punk/Jericho have planned.

– Nice cameo for Ryder. They never really provided closure for that storyline.

– “YES!” is alive & well in Chicago.

– I really have no idea how Lesnar and Cena are going to follow Punk & Jericho in Chicago.

– Simple but good brawl between 2 veterans. About the best you’re going to get out of Kane at this point.

– Eve is in full Miss Tessmacher gear sans glasses.

– I don’t like the Hornswoggle addition to the Brodius Clay act. There’s too many people in act as there is.

– Awesome Beautiful Disaster kick!

– This has been a decent feud this spring but I think Cody should be working w/someone who would benefit.

– RT from 1 hr ago: Am I the only one who thinks it would be easy to put Big Show through a table since he’s so heavy?

– Ooooo, I like the idea of “stalker” AJ.

– I haven’t seen a good 2 out of 3 falls match in ages. Here’s hoping this is a good one.

– Most “Booos” I’ve heard for Sheamus in a LONG time.

– Very nice submission move by Sheamus. Oh & I loved the 18 Seconds tshirt.

– So far a very smart 2 out of 3 falls match. I love the smart heel. Reminds me of a prime Triple H.

– Oh & the dueling “YES!”/”NO!” chants are fantastic!

– Now just imagine this match on the WrestleMania stage. That pisses me off.

– Great match w/a surprising finish! I thought Sheamus would retain before the PPV but they had me convinced Bryan was winning.

– A Ryback squash on a PPV?! They must be REALLY high on him!

– What the hell was that?! A head Stunner?

– Crowd seems torn on him. They like the dominance & impressive moves but can’t get over the Goldberg similarities.

– Not the same reception as MITB but damn Chicago loves Punk.

– Love it when the competitors show up for a Street Fight in street clothes. It’s a little thing but it makes it different.

– Did Jericho seriously just hit Punk with the foam turnbuckle? Well, that’s innovative.

– No Cabana this time around. Might have to do with the 10lbs of gold he’s carrying around.

– I have never seen the tops of those new announce tables shatter like that!

– I truly thought these two would actually end up in the streets of Chicago. Little disappointing.

– I think CM Punk is going to channel Shane McMahon!

– That Codebreaker was just vicious!

– Another great showing from Punk and Jericho. Is this the end? I don’t know what more they could do.

– So both babyfaces World Champions retained their titles. Are we looking toward ANOTHER John Cena loss?

– Oh yea, Layla was coming back too! Wait, now I’m disappointed. And so is Chicago apparently.

– Perfectly fine w/Layla heading up the Divas division but I don’t know how effective she will be as a face.

– Woah Brock definitely slimmed down alot. I’m liking the full UFC look too.

– The little touch of Cena’s old school chain is intriguing.

– Holy shit those elbows were nasty!

– Extreme Rules has FINALLY lived up to it’s name!

– HOLY SHIT I thought Brock had broken his neck.

– Wow, that was just absolutely vicious.

– That was insane. I can see Brock leaving now for a few months before returning to face Triple H.

– This PPV had it’s ups and downs but for the most part a thumbs up. And what a fight to close it out!

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